15" PowerBook RAM question...

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They have two user-accessible (did I spell that right?) slots, correct?

On a PowerBook that comes with 256MB RAM, is that two(2) 128MB chips, one in each slot OR is it a single 256MB chip, with a free slot open?



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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    The 15" & 17" models have 2 free slots, it's only the 12" models that have one free slot with one chip soldered right on the mobo.

    If you are buying it brand new, then yes, it will come with 1 256MB chip in it. The only chance of you seeing 2 128MB chips in a PowerBook would be if someone was selling their used one and unloading spare chips on you.

    The only PowerBooks that come with a 128MB chip are the 12" models. 128MB built-in and a 128MB chip (forcing you to basically toss it when you upgrade, or pay Apple for the upgrade when you order).
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Thank you...that's all I needed to know. Close/lock thread at will
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    Actually, a related follow-up: how about the 512MB model (the higher-end 15")? Does it come with two 256MB chips, or one 512MB and an open slot? And yes, I'm aware that a new aluminum 15" model may be different than the existing Titaniums, in terms of things like this. I'm just trying to get a ballpark idea of how the current ones are set up...knowing that any new, redesigned model will at least match, if not improve upon, what's in the current 15" TiBooks.

    I'm just curious about all this sort of stuff because I'm well over halfway in my savings for a PowerBook (by mid-late July I'll be there...early August at the LATEST) and I've just never had to think - or care - about this crap until now.

    I'm going to be bugging you people about AirPort and stuff too, so just get used to it.

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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    No sweat.

    Actually, you can find all this out pretty easily by just going through the Apple Store. After selecting the model you want, step 2 is personalizing the system - all the RAM info is right there. Here's a screenshot of what I mean:

    The 15" SuperDrive model (512MB) comes with 2 256MB chips, or you can pay Apple an extra $100 to change that to 1 512 MB chip.

    You're not getting any big ideas of buying a new PowerBook right away, are you?!

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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Well, I'm saving up and will buy the new 15" model, more than likely.

    Unless they rev the 12" model to have DVI and L3 cache, in which case I'd be more than happy to buy that because I won't feel like it's crippled or that I'm compromising.

    I'm not doing anything anytime soon. Going to probably be August.

    I figure any new 15" model coming out will - based on what's on the 12" and 17" models AND what's on the CURRENT 15" TiBook will look something like this:

    - Aluminum body with cool iBook-inspired hinge design (like 12" and 17" models sport) and stiffer keyboard (RAM and AirPort are installed underneath now)

    - 1-1.2GHz G4...more than adequate for me. I'm afraid those waiting for 970 PowerBooks to hit the shelves next month are going to be REALLY let down

    - Slot-loading drive, either on front or right side

    - 167MHz bus

    - PC Card/CardBus slot (not that I'll ever USE it...)

    - AirPort Extreme

    - BlueTooth

    - DVI

    - 1MB L3 cache

    - 256 or 512MB RAM stock

    - 60-80GB hard drive

    - 32 or 64MB graphics, depending on model

    - Gigabit Ethernet

    - 15.4" screen (according to all those damn rumors...still assuming the resolution is a nice 1280x854)

    - All the usual I/O (USB, FireWire, modem, audio/headphone, etc.)

    Most everything above is on the current, stock 15" models (what isn't is on the surrounding 12" and 17" models, so the 15" would HAVE to get them). They'll either be matched or increased in any new models. They won't go backwards, right? That's a pretty safe bet, I would think.

    - MAYBE FireWire 800

    - MAYBE 2x Superdrive and 12-16x CD-R? Would be nice...this 8x CD-R on my iMac is wearing me out.

    - MAYBE that cool illuminated keyboard (but I kinda doubt that one...seems like a "Cadillac feature" reserved for the King 17")

    All the above for these new prices of $1999-2599?

    I'd be happy to own that machine!
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