PC's graphic cards in macs

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¿Why the same graphic card is so cheap in PC's world and not so... ermmm... cheap in Apple's computers?

Can we flash the rom of this graphic cards to run with a macintosh?

Which models?

Thanks in advance.


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    jobjob Posts: 420member
    I've read that you can flash a select few GeForce2 cards.

    Search www.xlr8yourmac.com

    They should have a complete listing of all the flashable GFX cards.
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    dobbydobby Posts: 796member
    I have heard from some Apple technicians that say the GeForce 2 in a MAC is the equivilant to an GeForce2 GTS (or whatever the top card is). They said that a mac graphics card has all the bits and bobs turned on where as PC graphics cards are staggered to create a pricing structure and get more revenue.

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