'Pal', Internet Service Software for 10.3 (with Pictures)



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    Taken from an interview transcript with Steve Jobs :

    I get a lot of pressure to do a PDA. What people really seem to want to do with these is get the data out. We believe cell phones are going to carry this information. We didn't think we'd do well in the cell phone business.

    It could confirm a "Pal" device : I read that as if next Apple device will be able to get the information out of a computer which is the main feature of a PDA, as cell phones will do also. But Apple won't do a cell phone and prefer a field they already master. So no digital assistant per se but maybe a carriable extension of your Mac...
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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member

    I think that "Pal" is a thinclient device especially for OSX.

    That would also explain the 10.3 requirements since you would need multiple simultaneous logins (new 10.3 feature?) to make it practical.

    This device probably has Quartz build-in, the host computer only has to route the Quartz drawing commands to the "Pal" device so it wil be fast even on slow network connections.

    Airport Extreme (and Ethernet?) build-in, touchscreen/pen based interface.

    Think of the possibilities of such a device!

    Full access (Forget Disks, Forget Syncing) to your computer(s) from any WiFi (Connect over the air) hotspot.

    Another advantage, such device does not need a harddisk or huge amounts of memory, it 'll be a lot cheaper than a tablet PC.

    :drool: I would buy that in a heartbeat... wait - what's the price?

    Seriously, though, as a student, I think it would be a really great companion to a desktop computer... just imagine taking it to the library for research without needing to worry about leaving any info behind. mmmm.

    I sure do hope you are right, WebFlits
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    Originally posted by Dog Almighty

    I still don't know what it does. O_o

    it creates ridiculous amounts of discussion on the internet... that is all...
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    macgregormacgregor Posts: 1,434member

    Originally posted by Brad

    Yes, but it was very different. It was "sketched" in the style of the Picasso Mac.

    That screenshot still looks cool.
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    cindercinder Posts: 381member
    It's fake.

    If it was a real software box, it would be a better shot, show the back, and have the proper design scheme already set by Apple/whomever designed Apple's boxes.

    And it's not a data synching app - that's gonna be part of Panther. Seperate the new features from Panther and no one has a reason to upgrade.

    Not to mention this 'leak' would have to come from the design shop, not apple. and if said design shop leaked a photo - they'd be instantly fired, lose all of their work from apple and possibly be blacklisted if anyone else heard about it. Bam.

    If it was a device - it would SHOW the device. Not a logo.

    iPods don't have logos, nor powermacs, nor airport stations, nor airport cards, nor any other device or hardware that apple makes.

    And devices certainly don't come in software boxes.
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    undotwaundotwa Posts: 97member
    Have a look at this page on Apple's web site:


    Go to the bottom 'Anywhere Access' 'coming soon'
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    newnew Posts: 3,244member

    Originally posted by undotwa

    Have a look at this page on Apple's web site:


    Go to the bottom 'Anywhere Access' 'coming soon'

    it is probably training instructions for accessing .mac from other computers. nothing new.
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