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i want to know if you can buy and fit pc memory into an ibook.

apple specs say that the white ibooks take 144pin p133 sodimm sdram, which is sold alot cheaper in other places. so could i install this type of pc ram into apple ibook without any compatibility problems? i mean does it fit in, is it the same size as apple ram modules, etc?

another thing i heard someone comment on was that the 640mb limit is only due to limitations at the time apple made ibook and that you could infact fit a module of 1Gb ram into the empty slot (as long as its the right type and could find it), is this true?

i have no idea if you can get 1gb of that type of ram but if you could would the ibook recognise and support it? would there be any issues over overheating?


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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member
    RAM is RAM; if you mean "Do I have to buy it from Apple?" the answer is emphatically "No!". Check out RamSeeker for a listing of vendors by price. I can't answer the 1GB question...I thought the 1GB sodimms were higher profile than the 512MB's, and so don't fit in Apple laptops. If they're made at all - a glace at pricewatch doesn't show any 1GB chips for laptops at all. The PowerBook breaks 1GB by having two slots instead of one.
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