FT: 12" iBook 800 for CRT iMac

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Hey all. I'm trying to get myself out of debt this summer so one way im going to do this is buy "downgrading" my system and hopefully make a few hundred bucks toward the debt.

I have a 12" iBook 800Mhz Combo...384MB RAM...everything else stock. Purchased in March, still under warranty

Want to trade it for a CRT iMac (plus cash depending on model).

Any speed or color CRT iMac will do as long as it has an internal burner.

If you're interested in upgrading from your CRT iMac to a new iBook...for relative cheap....here's your chance...

email: [email protected]

AIM: tekmonster1


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    EDIT: Nvm.

    I just emailed you instead.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    damn... i have 3 crt imacs i would give you a choice from... but none of them have internal burners... \

    would you still go for it?... maybe i can convince my friend to do it...
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