Buying Advice: Canon i850 vs i950

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Having passed off my Epson Stylus 740 on my parents, I'm in the market for a new printer. I have two competing uses. First, as a college student, I have to write lots of papers so text quality is very important (speed is important, but a secondary concern). Second, I've taken a lot of pictures over the past year with my Coolpix 885 that I'd like to turn into prints. Third, cost is a very important factor (given that I'm still a student).

From all the reviews that I've read, it seems as though the Canon i950 is the best consumer photo printer, but that the i850 holds its own quite well despite only being a 4 color printer. On the downside, the i950 seems slow, and I can't gauge how good its text output is. Plus, the i850 is $100 cheaper out of the gate. However, the long term factor I'd be curious in is which is cheaper with regard to replacing ink and such.

So what I want to know is whether the extra $100 for the i950 is worth it. How much difference do Light Cyan and Light Magenta make? And if I'm shelling out the extra money for the i950, will the text output be adequate if I'm writing 6-8 papers a quarter? Thanks in advance for any advice. And if you think I should look at manufacturers other than Canon, let me know (I was just drawn to the idea of having individual ink tanks for each color).


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    xionjaxionja Posts: 504member
    hmmm, I have the Canon i850. Its alright, although for its price, I am really pretty dissapointed. I've been trying out different inks, but be warned, that the i850 eats up ink, so i'd bet that the i950 does too. You can go to Karrot ink for cheap compatible ink cartridges, but the quality difference is visible.

    If you are being price-aware, and you wont need to print high-quality stuff for other people (the only time it ever matters ) then the i850 should work just fine for you, i suppose, although if you can definatly get the i950.

    The driver for the i850 is exellent, works instantly. It prints papers and simple stuff really fast. Its easy to switch between fine/fast settings, depending on what your printing.

    The i850 is also kinda large and noisy, i dont know about the i950 though.
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    qaziiqazii Posts: 305member
    By the way, they're both $100 off if you buy a new Mac from the Apple store by the 28th....
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    i950 ALL the way. Top of the line and it is the best. there are a bunch of reviews...check these links:

    and this one is really great:

    Steve's also has an i850 review. I would definitley go for the 950. The 2 extra colors make a big difference along with the more print nozzles.
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    reynardreynard Posts: 160member
    Interesting. I have an Epson 740 and I had the Cannon i850 so I can be of some help. I had read great reviews of the 850 and there was a $30 rebate at Costco. BUt I returned it. Not that there was anything wrong with it but it just wasnt enough of an improvement over the Epson 740. One big difference, its about 10 times as fast as the 740.

    Since returning it, Ive thought that it might have been my inexperience with digital photography that caused me to misjudge the 850. I had become so accustomed to the vibrate prints of the Epson, that the Canon looked a little flat. However, I think the Canon was really a more accurate reproduction of reality and the Epson a bit "cartoonie". (But for an old printer, the 740 is damn good with photos.)

    So the 850 was good but Id still go with the 950. The price difference isnt large--there are photo printers for twice that. And its reviews have been solid.
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    agent302agent302 Posts: 974member
    Well, thanks for the tips and all, I went ahead and bought the i950 from Amazon, which had the best price (due to no sales tax or shipping) plus they have a nice promo right now where if you spend over $250 on electronics, you get a $50 gift certificate to use anywhere on the site.
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