Outdoor barbecue grills: charcoal or gas?



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    jimmacjimmac Posts: 11,898member

    Originally posted by Jonathan


    we have a 48" stainless steel smoker.

    it'll cook about 36 burgers at once. party grill++

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    dual867dual867 Posts: 31member
    Try a Weber Gold B Propane/Natural gas grill. Makes the absolute best bar-b-cue evar!! Once you try this, charcoal will seem sooooooo obsolete. Charcoal requires too much work(cleaning, maintenance, vigilence to maintain a constant temp.) for most people. Just buy a smoker box, and some Alder wood chips and you will have the BEST smoked chicken/turkey/salmon you could imagine. As you can probably tell, I'm pretty stoked about this Weber grill.

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    mggmgg Posts: 124member
    I have a natural gas grill and love it. No lighter fluid or dirty charcol. It starts right away. The one huge disadvanage to most people is that it takes a considerable amount of money to build in something like that have it inspected and what not. If you have the money and room go with the natural.
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    jimmacjimmac Posts: 11,898member
    All this BBQ talk made me hungry. I'm on vacation this week and just had a friend over for a BBQ. A couple of New york cuts. 8 min. a side. I just light the kettle, wait until the charcoal's right ( usually a light grey color ), soak the wood chips and marinade the steaks while I'm waiting. I put on the top so it can't flame up and control the heat with the air vents on top and bottom. 30 min. later yum!

    Of course there was the obligatory baked potatos, coleslaw, and pea salad. I'm glad I came to this thread.

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    i love both, but side on the side of gas for convience sake. it's nice to be able to just turn it on and grill up "what have you" at the drop of a hat. i just bought a new one to go with the new house. the last couple of appartments that we lived in wouldn't allow for grilling. damn shame. any who, consumer reports did a review on a bunch of grills a couple of issues back and rated most of the grills on the market, both gas and charcol. gave very high marks to weber accross the board. i ended up buying a sunbeam, however, which was rated pretty high and came in under $200. my dad bought the weber. i like mine for the most part. it has the side burner that i could really care less about. the only drawback that i can see is it seems a little on the flimsy side, but i just want it to last a year or 2. the webers are put together real nice, as are those ausies.
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    Heres my grill : I use both Lava Rocks and the gas. The gas heats up the rocks, which lets me kill the gas at ten minutes at a time. I get the best of both worlds and it only costs me 99.00 at WalMart.


    Model No. FG2204C
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