Best Bandwidth meter/ anti spam/popup blocker

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I did a google search for bandwiedth meters and got a bunch

like cnet ,,

they vary so much--especially between cnet, and speedtest. cnet says my broadband is 1.3 speedtest 3.2mps

do you all have a favorite????

pc mag / pop sci recommends adsubtract your opinions

what about a spam filter, adsubtract also offers one but doesnt mac mail have one, and what about .Mac??? doesn't it also have one

Does anyone use .mac??? is it a good buy and does it replace your mac mail as part of os 10.2???

lots of questions, but now that i have )broadband and my airport is working (yippee) i don't want ads sucking up my bandwidth and thinking of getting .Mac



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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    .mac is an internet service. Mail is a program part of the MacOS. One does not replace the other but works with eachother.

    The .mac e-mail service does not have a spam filter but Mail (the program) does and a very good one IMO.

    .mac being a good buy? Hmm. Not quite sure. Great buy one year ago at $50. Not so sure it will be at $100.

    But if you decide to go ahead with it please mail me so I can make $20 on my reneveal
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