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Well.. During the keynote today, we were told that Panther only had 50 new features... In my opinion, they could have done something about the dock too... It needs something done...

The stranges thing is that they spend more time from 10.2 --> 10.3 than 10.1 --> 10.2, and it even has less features.. And remember that Quartz Extreme was included in 10.2, which I think is a VERY big feature...



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    ionyzionyz Posts: 491member
    Much of the 100 features from Jaguar were little things. Perhaps they spent so much time optimising the new system they didn't have time for other tweaks. This isn't just Quartz Extreme revving up, I've heard Panther is speedy even without it.

    Jacked up speed and Exposé will greatly help my productivity. So I will be there later this year, money in hand.
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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    Correction: Apple says Panther has over 100 new features and that Panther Server has an additional 50 new server related features
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    Originally posted by applenut

    Correction: Apple says Panther has over 100 new features and that Panther Server has an additional 50 new server related features

    AhhH.. THxX for the correction..
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    jwthompjwthomp Posts: 7member
    Having played with Panther for a while now, I can definitely say there are several nice things about it:

    1) iDisk syncing. I love that I can mount my iDisk on my desktop and have a local copy synced. This lets me work on everything with fast disk accesses, and when I save it the files get synced back onto my iDisk. Now when I get home from work at night I can continue to get work done. Now my iPod is just getting used for music, instead of data as well.

    2) The Finder. I'm actually almost starting to enjoy using it now.

    3) Expose. Expose is definitely a very creative idea and it works really well. I've almost got it working perfectly with VirtualDesktop so it will be nice to have those two compliment each other.

    I know there was some talk of Panther being released in September on some of the rumor boards. I can see fairly confidently that this is extremely unlikely. Unfortunately, Panther is still very buggy and an official (not preview release) first beta release hasn't gone out to developers yet. Sadly, it's going to be a while before this gets released as a final, but the wait is well worth it.


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    screedscreed Posts: 1,077member
    Whew! Scared me for a bit because I too thought I had heard 100 new features. I thought, "Man has the economy affected the feature list!?"


    Here's my question about said 100 features:

    What in the bloody, blue blazes are they?!

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