12" PB compatible with Studio Displays through ADC/DVI converter and DVI/VGA adapter?

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I've assembled a strange train of different types of different video formats. See, I have a 15" Studio Display, which has worked flawlessly with my current Ti800 (and why shouldn't it, given the DVI interface?). However, the cute little twelve-incher that I have my sights set on only allows for VGA. The ADC monitor gets thrown through the DVI converter and finishes with a little doo-hicky that takes the DVI and throws it into an analog VGA signal ( :'( ). Question: Will this WORK? I tried attaching the DVI-to-VGA pipe that came with my PowerBook, to the end of all this conversion madness, which pretty much tried to turn the digital-turned-analog signal BACK into digital. Apparently, my Ti was as dumbfounded as you probably are, and reset itself out of frustrated desperation.

So, to tell a long story short...

This is how I plan on setting it up.

ADC -> DVI -> VGA.

Don't try this at home.

ADC -> DVI -> VGA -> DVI.


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    Your chain of converters will not work. The only solution to hook up a 12-inch PowerBook's VGA-out to an Apple Display is via a $300 Gefen VGA-to-ADC conversion box (or VGA-to-DVI if you have an older DVI Apple monitor). Do a search on MacNN for extensive discussion on this topic.

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