Installing an Airport card into an iMac DV+

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hey everyone, a nice big package arrived for me today from Apple part of which was an Airport (old style) card.

After unpacking everything I attempted to install the card into my iMac by opening it's little hatch on the back. The instructions included with the iMac looked so simple.

So i undid the aerial put it in the card and tried to slot the card in.

This is where i've got stuck. I can't see how the card is supposed to stay in as the two plastic bits are wider than the card so how does it get fixed in?

Thanks for the help



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    dnisbetdnisbet Posts: 201member
    Err ok, feelling a little dumb now. Done a quick look on the internet and it seems i'll need an AirPort Card Adaptor .


    So I need to get to an AppleStore, hrumph was looking forward to setting up the network today.
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