Excel Framework X load Err on restricted Users

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Excel for Office X loads but with an error:

[An unexpected error occured while trying to load the Microsoft Framework X Library. ]

(After you hit ok it finishes loading the app and everything works as normal. If I leave all apps open(don't set any restrictions) this error doesn't happpen.)

I do a custom install from a CD for of a five user lic. The custom install involves neglecting the installation of Entourage, Powerpoint, MSN, Office Assistant, extra Fonts, and Camera/Scanner plug-ins only.

I checked the microsoft knowledgebase article KB321386 and they provide a fix which is unapplicable because the Office X Identity folders contains no locked files. I even went through a shell window as root and searched for hidden files that might be locked, nothing.

Let me know if anyone has heard anymore news on this, I'm going to try and contact Microsoft about this, if I can get my superior to dig up the relavant product ID numbers. Seems to work fine, I just don't want to have to tell person after person that everything works fine aside from the error as I am planing to deploy this system I am building.


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    FINE, I'll just have to help myself again then won't I?

    Here's the blasted fix.

    In the Account capabilities settings preferance pane, allow user to access this application in

    /Microsoft Offfice X/Office/Microsoft Database Daemon

    excel will no longer spawn errors...
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    thanks! I'll forward the info to an admin friend of mine over at BC's lab
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member

    how did you come across this fix?
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    Originally posted by Paul


    how did you come across this fix?

    a rather poorly documented fix at www.macosxlabs.org

    they weren't very clear, and I figure it was because they were so excited that they fixed it they didn't know how to word it right..heheh
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    there also seems to be a powerpoint bug that causes a crash

    have you come across it or is the bug just present on our image?

    I don't know how to reproduce it, but my friend says it is there... I'll have to take his word for it...
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    vortexvortex Posts: 18member
    I had the same problem, but I resolved it by not using the user application limitations in the Accounts pane, instead just restricting the permissions (via Get Info) on the apps & folders I didn't want accessible.
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