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Remember when Steve was showing the new Mail in Panther and he showed the iTunes Music Store mailing, does anyone get it? Or how can I get it?


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    jmitchjmitch Posts: 38member
    You have to create an account for the iTunes Music Store. Go into iTunes Music Store and click on "Create Account". Once you have created your account you will get weekly emails of new releases and such.
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    macusersmacusers Posts: 840member
    Oh well i already have an account, but i havent got one yet, should be getting it soon then
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    michaelmichael Posts: 25member
    It comes every tuesday, and you may not get the email by default.

    Once you've entered your account information, click the "account" button in the upper-right hand side of the music store's window.

    It should say account on the far right-hand side of the navigation bar, followed by a little button with your email address in it.

    clicking the button may prompt you for your password.

    once you've entered your password, you'll see a page titled "Apple Account Information," and to the right of your "Apple Id," your email address, there's a button that says "Edit Account Info," click it.

    Once that page has loaded, you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the last option, which says "I would like to receive the following email" and has two checkboxes underneath it. You'll want to make sure at least the checkbox before the listing "New Releases and additions to the iTunes Music Store" is active.

    Then click "done," at the very bottom of that page, and you should start receiving the email every tuesday.

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