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I deleted all my cookies the other day and now Safari doesn't seem to add bookmarks properly anymore. I keep getting this message:


Problem Saving bookmarks

An unexpected problem occured when saving bookmarks.


Eventually my bookmarks save properly - but this is weird behaviour. It used to change bookmarks first time every time without a hitch.

Anybody else experienced this recently?


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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,548member
    My wife had a problem where some bookmarks couldn't display properly (Japanese text). We confirmed this by opening the bookmarks file in a text editor and inspecting them. It was easy to find a region that looked wrong. The bookmarks file is nicely formatted. We found a section that was clearly different so I figured it was corrupted at that spot. I can't recall the fix. We may have deleted the offending bookmarks in Safari or perhaps she started over again with a clean file.

    You might try that. Start fresh and import the bookmarks. If you have .Mac try to sync the bookmarks then download them to an empty file.
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