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Hi everyone,

Well i just recieved my 12inch PB!!! YAY and am loving it, but i had always intended to buy an external monitor just for easier viewing and whatnot. So my question is as follows...

I only have at most about $300 CAD to spend on a monitor and i am debating which way to go, i would love the small size of an LCD but it is much more expensive and i would only be able to afford a 15inch so i would not get any increase in screen real estate really but i know that it would be nice to go that way. My other option is a 17inch or possibly 19inch refurb CRT, that way i get much more screen but the things are so huge and from what i have read harder on the eyes after long periods of reading and whatnot. But the price is much cheaper. I would buy a LCD refurb if i could find one, but they are much less common.

I am a university student in general science right now, and enjoy doing multiple things on the computer at once, like music, internet, word processing, etc but i am not heavly into graphics or anything really, just once in a while as a hobby (Just to give you an idea what i use my comp for)

So any suggestions what i should do??? and if so any reccemondations on the brand of monitor i shoudl get.

Thanks for any advice and feedback :-)


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    Might as well get the CRT. Reason being, that CRTs cahnge resolutions much more gracefully, so for old or graphically intense games that won't play at 1024x768, plug in the CRT and shift down to 800x600 or 640x480. You also can shift up to say 1280x1024 or perhaps even 1600x1200 which may be useful. I generally am an advocate of LCDs but you have a powerbook, so you already have one.
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    CRT's have higer res. and are alot faster displaying anything you want it to.
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    I have an LCD but if I were in your position Id definitely go with the CRT. Main factor is screen real estate. It really makes life so much easier. And as far as being hard on your eyes...CRTs don't seem to bother most people in that respect. Especially the newer ones with hi refresh rates.

    There are great deals on decent CRTs out there.
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