Idea for a new Power Mac case:



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    [quote]Originally posted by Michael X. S.:


    don't tell me i'm being paranoid, get some marketing/communication training, and have an idea of what you're talking about.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    As if "marketing/communication training" would ever make you able to grasp common sense.

    If Apple ever prosponed introducing a new tower B/C of 911 they would be the laughing stock all over the world. What the next thing? Ban everything that are more than five times higher than wide? "That Nokia phone is a disgrace. Look at it. Its shiny" "Sorry we can´t have Nicole Kidman in our next film. Her two legs are simply too long an RED hair?" GrowupgrowupGROWUP <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />

    A week after 911 I was in Berlin. Besides people humming Leonard Cohen the great joke was that over half of the Burger Kings had a NYC skyline poster (find two wrongs) and they were still up last time I was there two month ago.

    Now what would people appriciate more: A delay in new hardware "in respect" or not?

    [edit]Thanks for the Starbuck story. I´ll tell about it at our local weekly compulsory "Hate US" meeting.

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    Ok, my "paranoid surfer" comment was a bit dumb. Put it down to sleep deprivation.

    But there does seem to be some paranoia relating to the terror attacks on the US last year (or "9/11" as you Americans like to call them).

    The dimensions look nothing like the WTC. It's much less skinny, as you'll see in my sketch or if someone does a mock-up of it. It is noticibly deeper than it is wide, so you won't mistake it for a sky-scraper or anything. The buttons, speaker and optical drives on the front mean that you won't mistake it for anything other than a [EDIT: Computer] tower.

    So weirdos will critizite Apple. But they will be the same ones which did so after the Apple I was priced at $666, Apple's core OS is called Darwin, etc. etc.

    Should have the sketches up in ~10 hours time. I have one showing the front and back, one showing the motherboard door open.


    [EDIT: Jokes on me]

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    All i have to say is, i'm sick of optical drive trays. they are flimsy and eyesores.
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    i won't argue this, espescially since this concept is merely imagination anyway.

    my statements stand, and have merit. it may seem unreasonable and illogical to most of you that they do, but humans are not necessarily reasonable or logical.
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    Wel, I've finally got my pics.

    Scan to company W2K laptop which won't e-mail unless its connected to company network, transfer floppy to 6400 which won't access iDisk as some networking stuff ain't installed, e-mail to G4, edit there, upload.


    [EDIT: As you can see, I'm no artist, and I scanned the images on angles... hehe]

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    It looked better on paper, and as I said, I'm no artist :-)

    Its not meant to be a proper, final, case design, just to give you an indication of what such a case would look like. I uploaded them (even though they look $hit ) so people would stop complaining about 9/11.

    A mock-up by someone with creative ability would look good probably (hint, hint).

    It has a smaller footprint than the cube, it's just %30-40 taller than the current case.

    Imagine walking into a computer lab, an seeing this city of Macintoshes.

    About the drive bay access: Its not meant to be final as I said. Apple does it with the quicksilver, so it wouldn't be any worse.


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    Point about the "too thin, too tall".

    The reason I came up with this is to throw around the idea of a tall tower with a cube-like footprint. Save desk-space, and could look cool.

    If you think that a thin, tall tower will never work then I'm sorry.

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