Who is buying a new PowerBook?



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    38cm all the way! I'm beginning to think my purchasing officer is sick of me --- I just want to make sure I'm not at the back of a 10,000 order queue. It doesn't help that any little change in specs must be approved by my college IT guy. It bugs him too (can't we just go with "minimum specs" here?).

    Everytime I open my mouth to my wife now, she cringes because she thinks I'm going to mention a PowerBook. This is saying something, as we have three boys, and they generally provide enough material to keep us busy 24/7.

    Hopefully we can get this over with and move onto more important things. Like how can I swing an iPod. Any iPod.
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    msanttimsantti Posts: 1,377member
    Buy now!

    You can bleed with a smile on your face latter.
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    Want a 15" powerbook really bad. Hope the graphics are updated to insanely fast.
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    15" Aluminum PB

    My wife will be so glad when this comes out. Everyday I'm checking the web sites for news about this release. It will be a relief to have our lives back.
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    15 or 17 tomorrow.
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    Boy, it's really going to turn into a virtual shoving match to get these things, isn't it?

    Yesterday on the news I saw that some nut was giving away $1 bills by tossing them off a bridge into a crowd. Something like 10 or 15 people went to hospital because of the stampede.

    I'd bet we could make that look like naptime.
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    I'm buying a new 15 as an upgrade from my 667, which I am selling. Then I can happily sit out the first rev of G5 PowerBooks. But as I've mentioned before, if the specs of the new model aren't compelling, I would seriously consider buying a discounted 1GHz TiBook.

    I really love my 667, I just need more oomph, more storage and the SuperDrive. If the discontinued models drop below US$2,000, it will be a tough call.
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    I've been going nuts waiting, wanting and hoping.

    I'm stuck right now on the family's iMac DV+, three years old and the only computer now in a very small house.

    Trying to write with my stepdaughter watching baseball on TV (and talking loudly back to the announcers), and my wife in the kitchen cooking with her music on ? all within a few feet ? IS KILLING ME!

    I buy whatever 15" gets announced at Paris, I won't be able to help myself.
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    If pb is g5 i'll get a 12 super/AE now with ipod for my wife and then 15 Ae/super for me after jan.

    if pb g4+ then wait as long as possible knowing it will go g5 at some time.
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    I'm thinking 15, maybe 17 is it's more of a value (i.e. a lower price than now)

    But definitely ordering tomorrow.

    Also ordering an iCurve. and an extra keyboard.

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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    I will as long as they update the 15". Even if it was a 100MHz boost I'd still grab it. <off to sign up for apple's one-click purchasing>

    I would assume so, but does the educational stuff get updated RIGHT AWAY as the regular store stuff does?
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    15" or 17"

    It all depends on the specs.
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    Originally posted by ast3r3x

    I would assume so, but does the educational stuff get updated RIGHT AWAY as the regular store stuff does?

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    zazzaz Posts: 177member
    Updating to a 15 AlBook w/ AE as soon as it is avail to order....

    Unless the .0000001% chance that they are a total disaster update is realized... and I'll have to reconsider. Probably try to find a used 867 Ti to bide my time.

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    I was all ready to get a 12" PB. Then this Saturday I visited my local reseller (I say 'local' - it's 70miles away in London). Anyway - I started coming round to the 15". Yeah, like everyone else I want the 12" for its ultra-portability (though I think at 2.1kg it's got a bit of baby fat). And, at first I preferred its styling, with the keyboard going to the edge of the chassis, and all.

    But looking at the old ( ) TiBook, it just grew and grew on me. It's gorgeous. The 'screen real-estate' (I hate that phrase) is wicked. And with the aluminium finish and redesigned hinge, tomorrows 15" ( ) will be awesome - literally... awesome.

    As you can tell the aesthetic of whichever machine I buy is very important to me (sell-out!), but of course, the 15" will always win on specs, hands-down. I want to watch a DVD every other week, I want to play UT2003 and MOH, I want a 40GB music library and I want a notebook that will still be awesome in 2-3 years.

    So I think its the 15" PB for me.
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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member
    Apple has to be the first for DP's in a Laptop. Here's for 7457's @ 1.4 GHZ in the 17". Will do it for me. ($3499 or less I hopes)...
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    I am really excited about the new powerbook revisions. I am just hoping that the 15' will fall into my price range of $2500 and that they upgrade the video to a Radeon Mobile 9600. I'm sure with the educational pricing it will be in my limit. Also, I hope not to wait to long It would sure be nice to do all my coding that I do for a Professor at home. We have a area wide WLAN.

    Unforunately, I think that the G5 will not be included in the Powerbook. The main reason I belive is that Apple has a cash cow here in a sense. There are close to any applications that run in 64-bit. This is where you would notice a big performance boost. Apple will just milk the cow and when there are apps that support this technology, switch the top of the line powerbooks to G5.

    Theoritically, Apple and IBM alrady have one in the works, but why put a G5 when there is little demand in the portable market?

    Personally, I believe that AMD will beat Apple into marketing 64-bit mobile based notebooks.
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    cooopcooop Posts: 390member

    Apple has to be the first for DP's in a Laptop. Here's for 7457's @ 1.4 GHZ in the 17". Will do it for me. ($3499 or less I hopes)..

    Please don't follow that MOSR mentality. DP laptops aren't coming for quite a while, me thinks.
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    I am buying a laptop. I want to spend around $2500 including: laptop, kensington cable lock, laptop bag, and mouse. I will be getting the edu. discount, so that will help. If I go a little over, it won't be bad. Also, I want it right away, so I might end up getting a cheaper G4. I will just have to wait and see tomorrow for what comes out.
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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member

    Originally posted by cooop

    Please don't follow that MOSR mentality. DP laptops aren't coming for quite a while, me thinks.

    Please refrain from quoting me and MOSR in the same thread

    ...and no one thought Apple would have went right to a 1GHz FSB (from 167MHz) and DDR400 in one step, so anything is possible.

    But you may be right, DP's may have to wait til 0.09µ chips....
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