Is Apple the next Enron/WorldCom?

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You know in the news, we've been hearing a bunch about how all these big corporations have been lying about their accounts and all. What if Apple was one of them? I mean I read somewhere that Apple was way overpriced stock wise. They were up there with Gap or something as being companies that were overpriced. Also with executives dumping the stock right before stocks dropped 50%, we are looking at another Martha Stewart case! Apple also has tons of iMacs piling up and most rumors on this forum and other forums talk about only a speed bump of a few Mhz on PowerMacs. They'll need more than a FEW Mhz to compete with the Wintel Machines spec wise. Now even the US post office doesn't want to even support macs on their webpage. What's the deal? Could Apple use MWNY02 to call it quits? Could Jobs' surprise be, we are bankrupt, go home?

I mean I am really worried about this companies future. Do you REALLY think this company can build the capital to stay in the game against Microsoft and its Wintel computers with its faster CPUs and cheaper everything? Sure their OS is inferior, but it works and almost everyone uses it. Most consumers, like me, want more bang for their buck and since Apple overprices everything, it's hard to get the same bang for your buck with an Apple computer. Look at SGI, they were superior in almost everyway back in the day, only problem was that they were much more expensive than the competition. Now their stock is at .25 and no one even cares about them. For instance, do you even know what company I am talking about?? I really hope that I am concerned over nothing but as an Apple shareholder and an Apple computer user I have to think about this company's future, and lately things aren't going so well for big corporations or PC vendors.... Anyway, GO APPLE!

P.S.- Not to mention their new Ad campains... I mean the people in them look like IDIOTS. Like they don't know what's going on or something. Does anyone else share this opinion with me? Also, I am sorry if I posted in the wrong category. I thought the word future was appropriate for this subject matter.

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    Maybe this should go to General Discussion, but I'll go ahead and respond:

    Short of out-and-out Fraud, Apple has one of the tightest, most scrutinized set of books of any company. While some might claim that executive stock sales recently are "insider trading," the truth is likely that Apple's rules for executive sales of stock are so stringent that these were the only times they could sell.

    Apple's finances have been so tightly wound for the last decade that any significant fraud (more than someone raiding the register at the Cupertino Campus store), would have a noticeable effect on Apple itself.

    It will be hard to lay anything at the feet of Jobs - he only gets $1 a year in salary.

    Fred Anderson and the rest of the exec team have very modest salaries - their reward for hard work IS the ability to sell stock options.

    As for the inflated stock prices of 1999 - this was true of most companies due to the "irrational exuberance" of the stock-buying public. Apple's stock in extremely sensitive to market moves and ANY negative announcement hits the stock harder than it should. Look out Monday when the stories from Drudge and Washington Post hit at trading time.

    Just my 0.02
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    Moving to General Discussion..
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