Superdrives standard at MWNY?



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    prestonpreston Posts: 219member
    I think that Apple should put Superdrives in all machines, as long as the already high prices do not rise. While many people do not NEED superdrives for video DVD production, a 4.7GB removeable storage solution is something that creative pros should appreciate.

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    At the very least, Powerbook users need a solution for burning DVD's, whether it be a firewire drive that is compatible with iDVD or an internal superdrive. At present I will need to spend a ton of cash for DVD Studio Pro AND an external drive. It's almost as if Apple is, itself, waiting for the day when Superdrives rule.


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    undotwaundotwa Posts: 97member
    PowerMacs should come with no optical drive and no hard drive. Then, at every store get them to stock up on hard drives and optical drives.

    The drives should be hot swapable like the PowerBook 1400cs. Drives should have a little finger hole at front to pull out (standard drives you will have to open up the case to install/remove, no biggy).

    You see, I simply have no need for a super drive, a CD drive will be fine for me (I've already got a burner). I'll save a good $400 I reckon. I do like spacious hard drives, and I hate buying hard drives from Apple (I like to get them cheap).
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