Do you own a crumpler bag?

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If you own a crumpler bag I was wondering if any can take a pic of the space between the top of a powerbook and the top of the bag.

Their very busy man bag is 18 inches tall (according to specs) and the whack a phone other is 14 inch. I'm wondering if this messenger/laptop bag is the wrong dimensions for me, I'm not that tall and an 18 inch tall bag seems huge.

If not could you comment about this.


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    This post may not help but I have 18" tall Crumpler bag. It is larger than I thought it would be. No pictures though, sorry. There is a laptop pouch inside the bag and my 12" powerbook has a 2" clearance to the top of the pouch's lid. If you took the dimension from the powerbook to the bag's outer cover, it's about 4".

    I carry a lot of drawings so the size of this bag turned okay. Anyway, HTH.
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    Normally I would close this thread since you already have one in the correct forum (General Discussion), but since this has a reply I'll move it there and close your other one.

    Please don't post the same topic in multiple forums. It makes Brad angry, and he might kill you.

    Oh, and welcome to AppleInsider.

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    what in hells name is a "crumpler bag"?
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    Crumpler Bags

    And to the moderators... Yes i understand it was in the wrong forum, when i realized that i re-posted it in the correct, however i could not delete or move the other one out of "current hardware" thankyou for your help
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    I have narrowed it down to 2 bags from crumpler

    the McBain (practically a sleeve with a front pocket)

    the Wack-a-phone (a messenger back basically adds 3 inches to the width of the bag)

    not sure which is better for minimal travel carrying a

    1)hard or soft cover book


    3)power adapter

    4)a magazine

    5)pair of headphones

    6)of course, my 15AL book
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    My friend has a McBain which her 12" PB lives in, along with, in the front pocket; power adapter, mouse, video adapter, phone cable, cross-over cable, two CD's and mouse pad. The 12" fits in the main pocket with lots of room so a 15" should fit snugly. the magazine and a thin book would also fit but I don't know about the ipaq or headphones if they are too big.
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    Originally posted by segovius

    Coolest laptop bags on the face of the planet. And lamest website.

    try the german site .. maybe two times ;-)
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    Would the Nad Sac be enough to accomodate a 3G 20GB iPod?
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