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so i've had a dual g5 with combo drive from the education store on order since 8/15 (due 10/29), but meanwhile i've been trying to see if i can order from somewhere else that [1]did the education discount [2]was tax free [3]accepted my apple loan.

company X was 1 and 2, and i've been trying to get them to take my apple loan, and they never got back to me so i figured it was a lost cause. then just now i get a personal phone call from an apple financial dude who is working with company X to fill out their paperwork so they can accept loans. i'm not sure what i'll do about the company X situation, but in the process i told him about my current order and asked him when he though it might ship.

"they're telling me they are _all_ going to ship by this weekend, since the quarter is ending. there's a big push to get them out the door."

"All 100,000 preorders by this weekend?"


So there you have it. I promise it's all true. i didn't mention the name of the vendor so that they don't have 50 people who want the 1 2 3 combo calling them up becofe they are even able to provide all those things.



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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    At least on paper I'm sure. Apple needs to fix this undershipping problem.
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    if you need a loan, then you really don't need the computer.

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    well, it shipped today (and i got upgraded from regular ground to overnite).

    ordered: 8/16

    apple eta: 10/29 or before

    shipped: 9/25
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member

    Hey! I ordered before you! Apple must have made a mistake.

    I'll E-mail you my address so you can ship the G5 to the correct address.
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    I think everyone will be seeing their Dual soon. Like I stated in other threads. Ordered on Sept 16th funds cleared on 19th of Sept. Given a date of 22nd of Oct., today they tell me I'm 3-5 days away at worst 8th of Oct.

    This was a EDU, CTO with 9800, 250 hd, and Blue Tooth.
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