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I am hoping that there is a Comcast broadband user on the board.

On Tuesday I was surfing with my REV C 10.1.5 iMac and I could only find 4 sites on the net. I call CC and they tell me that they are having node problems in my area, but not my node. After trying to reset the cable modem and reassigning the IP the whole net is gone. But I am still pulling an IP through DHCP. So I try OE 5 and no email. So he tells me in 24 hours we should be back to normal. So later in the day I whip out my PB G4 400 10.2.6 and the net is fine. Go back to the iMac and nothing. Note I am doing nothing more than switching cords on back of router; I am not running 2 machines at once. So I swap cables and no luck. So I try reinstalling IE and no luck; I reload OS and no luck So then I think that the iMacs integrated networking has gone bad. Today on the PB I try downloading email and mail times out connecting to server.

Has anyone else had anything similar and if so was it traced back to the router(cable modem). I never had problems of this sort with either machine in the past.


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    I had something like that before when limewire crashed, but it was fixed after a restart.

    Do you have a router? (Not modem)

    Third thing... Art the lights blinking on the ethernet port?
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    all the lights on the cable modem are lit when they should be (power, cable, pc, data) as for the PB has no lite. The iMac has no lite that I can see.
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    Um, what OS are you running on your iMac?
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    My problem started on a Tuesday, On the following Monday I am again testing my email on my PB since it is the only problem with it. Everything now works. Fire up the iMac and everything works. Call

    ComCast and they now tell me that they were doing node upgrades on my node and the others around me. If you read my first post you will note that they told me that they were not having problems with my node but that they were working on other nodes in my area. So I told them to cancel the technician call for the next day. They were about to send out a new cable modem.

    Yes the problem is fixed and I am P.O.

    If they had told me on my first call that they were doing upgrades and the system would be messed up for a few days, I wouldn't have spent 15 hours working on soloving a problem which they, by not telling me this info, led me to believe was my problem.
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    The past 3 days I have had horrible service. At times I had to reset my modem every 2 minutes. (Yes, I timed it) My service is still unstable. Will call comcast if this keeps up.

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