Pictures of the infamous "gap"?

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hi, i've read so much about this gap, but have yet to see a picture of it. there've been pics of the white smudges and the popping latch, but none of the gap. so can anyone humor me and post a picture of it please? i want to see how bad it really is...thanx!

p.s. don't turn this thread into a sex thread.


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    Warning: Very out there theory follows that may be a bunch of crap.

    i was just thinking about the main problems with the powerbook and thought maybe they were all related. the warp, the gap, the white smudges, and the latch. is it possible to flex the lid in the other direction to straighten out the warp? and by doing so even out the gap, make the latch work properly (although there is a fix for that) and unflex the screen so the white smudges disappear?

    i've barely seen a powerbook in person so this is all grasping from the ether, but i dunno, sounds like it could maybe help.

    so is there a brave soul who want to try a little yoga on their warped screen and see if it opens a chakra or two? a little holistic healing?
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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member

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    The 2nd picture seems to show the gap is a bit bigger on the left side, but that could just a function of the angle of the shot.

    Other than that, the gap is normal.
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    The Terry-Thomas front teeth gap.
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    The most infamous gap.
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    nice gap
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member

    Originally posted by trublue

    The most infamous gap.

    Damn...that looks REALLY familiar, but I can't think of why.

    As for the real gap, who says that notebooks have to have lids that are completely touching the base?

    Here's my theory: if the gap wasn't there, we'd be complaining about the marks left on our screens by the keyboards.
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    The real Gap
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    And here I thought the real gap would be the London Underground.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Why are people complaining about *this* gap? My mom's 800Mhz 14" iBook has the same gap. I think it's just a function of that hinge design, folks.
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    yeah, i guess the gap is worse than i thought. what can we do to get rid of it?

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    Originally posted by ast3r3x

    That 'gap' is on all the Apple AlBooks and is part of their latch design - so I don't know why it took the introduction of the 15" model for people to start complaining about it. They all close and latch the same way and the space between the 'gap' will vary slightly with each machine. You can even slightly bend the lid at the corners so the rubber feet rest properly on the bottom of the lid. Personally, I think Apple could have designed this better with no gap which would also rid of that annoying 'give' or springy 'play' when the lid is actually closed and latched and you're carrying it around.

    Apple should make all their AlBooks lid close with latch less, tension, spring, open/close design found in some Sony and Fujitsu notebooks. When those lids are closed, they are closed sung against the rubber feet on the display with no give or play and plenty of room between the keyboard and the display. Some will of course say that a design like this would eventually cause expensive problems should that spring/tension mechanism fail, but how many AlBooks has Apple replaced since last winter due to their magnetic latch mechanism or the consistent 'gap' problems due to undersized rubber feet or slightly warped lids?
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    g-newsg-news Posts: 1,107member
    this is just another "My Cube has cracks" panicking.

    absolutely ridiculous.
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    "but my Cube has cracks!"
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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    I have no problem with it, just don't like the play it has. I am wondering if I should keep the pad in between the keyboard and screen just incase. Or don't I have to worry about that even if I have it pushed together?
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    You guys need to have better humidity control in the environment you're using you powerbooks, that's all!
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    Have you noticed that the keys on the aluminum notebooks sit slightly above the plane of the rest of the inside of the notebook (i.e. the plane that the speakers and track pad are on)? If there was no gap the keys would rest against the screen, causing smudge marks by the inevitable build up of human sweat and grease on the keys. By incorporating the gap it reduces this problem. Not to mention the fact that the latch design relies upon tension to keep the lid closed.

    So mind the gap, but don't hate it, its there for your protection.
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    Any chance of a link or pointer to pictures of the white smudges ?

    from the forums:

    white spot thread
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    Originally posted by ast3r3x

    I have no problem with it, just don't like the play it has. I am wondering if I should keep the pad in between the keyboard and screen just incase. Or don't I have to worry about that even if I have it pushed together?

    My guess is that if you just close the lid and have the PB sitting on a desk there is no problem. However, if you put the PB in a bag of some sort and if that bag is kind of full the pressure on the PB might press the screen against the keys.

    When my new PB arrives I will probably put a sheet of paper inside it when I close the lid just for safety, especially when traveling.
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    g-newsg-news Posts: 1,107member
    once your PB arrives you will notice that it includes a special sheet of buffered plastic to put between the screen and the keyboard. If you're smart, you don't throw it away and you wont have any problems.
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