Help! ibook display Panel weirdness!

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I have an ibook 800 14" running OSX 10.2.6. Just recently, whenever I have gone to the system preferences to change something about the display (usually just the brightness) I get a double panel appear. What happens is that I click on Displays and two windows appear. they seem to be identical display control panels. the front most one obscures the one behind it except for about an inch top left. the weird thing is that the front most window has no widgets on it at all. there are no red, green and yellow buttons and no bar at the top. so the only way of closing it is to press Command W to close the entire panel.

does anyone know what is going on and how to fix it?



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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,535member
    Weird problem. It sounds like it somehow thinks there is a second monitor attached. This is what you would normally get if you attach your computer to a TV for example. The difference is that only one window should appear on each display. When you open the displays panel a window appears on each monitor.

    Even if I am correct it doesn't suggest how to solve the problem. One idea is to wipe the HD and reinstall OS X. Pretty harsh.

    If you have the hardware try to install OS X on an external FW drive and see if the problem presents itself when you boot from that drive.

    Another possibility is that there is something goin on in the hardware. Somehow it a signal is indicating the presence of an external monitor.

    You might try connecting the iBook to a TV or VGA monitor and then running the displays control panel and see what happens.
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    spookyspooky Posts: 504member

    thanx 4 the reply.

    I connected the ibook to a mac 17 studio display and went to the control panel but found excatly the same thing! a second window obscuring the first with no way to close it down!

    when I disconnected the second monitor and restarted the mac I went to the diplay panel again and guess what?

    yep, a second window obscuring the first with no way to close it down!

    weird huh?
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    Backup... Format... Clean Install...
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    spookyspooky Posts: 504member

    Originally posted by \\/\\/ickes

    Backup... Format... Clean Install...

    Is there no other option or is this the way things are gonna have to be under os X in the future?
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