Apple Missing the Boat?

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Apple could have lead the way, they have the technology to do it:


Sony Shows 'Crossover' Video-Game Machine

The muscled-up, network-ready console, called the PSX, testifies to the intensifying competition among consumer electronics companies to make the living room the locus of home digital entertainment.

About the size of the PlayStation2 (news - web sites), the PSX is to go on sale in Japan late this year, beginning at $720 for a 160-gigabyte hard disk version that can record 200 hours of digital video....

The PSX will ship with Ethernet and USB ports, enabling networking, online gaming and connections with such peripherals as digital cameras and game controllers. It includes a memory stick slot and plays both PlayStation and PlayStation2 games. ...

Too bad Jobes doesnt feel there is a market for this.


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    dmband0026dmband0026 Posts: 2,345member
    Maybe there is, maybe their isn't. I doubt that it has a ton to do with Job's feeling on the market. This just may not be what Apple is focusing on now. They seem to be doing really well in the digital music/video area so they will continue to channel resources to that area, rather than strain employee as well as financial resources.
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    Can't we all do what the PSX using a Tivo with the DV connect?

    The biggest deal I see is the 24x DVD burning!

    Whats up with the 4x max for us?
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    it probably meant 24x CDR burning and 4x burning... there simply aren't any 24x DVD burners I thought? or is there?
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    @homenow. Have a look in General Discussion. There is a thread there

    Digital Hub or Media Centre.

    I prefer Apple's current Digital Hub approach, we dont need/want an all in one unit. Sony is just trying to squeeze extra revenue out of the Playstation platform.
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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    $720? I guess I'll stick with PS2 until PS3 comes out. If I wanted another computer I'd buy an eMac or iBook, or iMac or.....
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    Saw an article that Sony will ship a new version of the PS2 with the 90nm chip process... man this company has money!!! I think Apple needs to stay focused on their core markets or else they loose it.
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    Remember, the iPod wasn't the first MP3 player on the market, and look where it is now. I don't think Apple is in the position to take those kind of plunges. It's best they keep their eye on emerging trends, and just deliver a knock out product once a market need has been established.
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