I Just Don't Like Mail.app :-(

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I've finally decided I simply don't like Mail.app. And before you call me a shill for MS (which I certainly am not), I definitely prefer Outlook Express or even Mozilla Mail over Mail. I realize that such comments are heresy, but I just can't help it. I don't like the way Mail handles mail folders. I don't like the fact that it doesn't always immediately tell me it can't send a message when it doesn't like the SMTP server. (Instead, it pretends to send the message and I only find out it hasn't when I relaunch the program the next time.) The program just doesn't feel professional.

When I upgrade my desktop to a G5 sometime next year, this will become a significant issue. I really would like to like Mail, but it just hasn't happened for me; I've been using it since 10.0. I don't think things are going to get that much better. I really don't want to <gasp> pay for the abomination MS Office so that I can have Entourage. And I don't want to have Mozilla open just for email. Is it worth trying Eudora again? Does anyone else share my pain?


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    Originally posted by Big Mac

    I don't like the fact that it doesn't always immediately tell me it can't send a message when it doesn't like the SMTP server.

    Funny, mine does. Could vary based on the mail server.


    I don't want to have Mozilla open just for email.

    You may want to try Mozilla Thunderbird which is the mail component only from Mozilla.
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    Don't judge mail.app until you see the program in Panther. I've been using mail for a couple of years and I don't have any major issues with it. But mail.app in panther is sweet.
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    big macbig mac Posts: 480member
    Thank you for the input, endymion and penseive. I didn't know about Thunderbird, so that's appreciated. (I actually had heard of it, but I thought it was a Windows-only Mozilla akin to our Camino.) And you're right, penseive, I'm probably the only one who hasn't used Panther yet. If you say new Mail is worth it, I'll maintain an open mind until I get my hands on it.
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    outsideroutsider Posts: 6,008member
    You can purchase Entourage separately also. It's $99 though, very expensive fore merely an email client. But, if Palm sync is important, you can use the MS downloadable conduit for Entourage<-->Palm Desktop.
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    bjerbjer Posts: 67member
    I also found Mail wanting. Have been using Eudora and am much happier. Guess also because I am using Eudora on my XP desktop.
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    machemmachem Posts: 319member
    My biggest gripe against mail.app is that messages can't be threaded. I know that the Panther version will have threading (if you enable it).

    My wife has been using entourage, and she gets 20 spam messages a day (at least). I figured out how to flag spam in entourage, but not how to delete it automagially. Anyway, I set up mail.app for her, because I've found its spam filtering to be pretty good.

    Yesterday she said "I've still got tons of spam!" I said "in Apple Mail? I don't believe it." Her: "no, in Entourage!" *sound of me pulling my hair out*

    I'm using evolution (linux) at the moment because my 'book is in the shop. The best mail/PIM/contact app I've used. I will go back to mail.app under Panther, though.

    I do know I hate Moz mail. Feels very bulky. Mail.app does feel pretty lightweight. Evolution is not something I'd call light, btw.
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    I don't like Mail.app either, but that's primarily because I Use it with the httpmail plugin and that's kind of wonky.

    but regardless it's ultimately FASTER to load safari and goto hotmail.com than it is to use mail.app

    I also don't like how it is simply called Mail whenever I am talking about it with PC users, it's awkward.\
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