If Apple Made a Game

in Mac Software edited January 2014

If Apple computer made a video game what would it be like?

what type of game would it be? would the interface be brushed metal? would it be fun or just fun to look at? would it work well with just one mouse button?

etc etc etc.


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    They already have one and it comes with Panther (and Jaguar and Puma and Cheetah).

    It's called BlastApp.

    Check Developer/Applications/Utilities/Built Examples/BlastApp
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    spartspart Posts: 2,060member
    Don't forget chess.
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    And the games on the iPods.
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    It would probably be a management game where you have to try and sell your brand new mac that you just purchased to pay for the new updated line of models just introduced.
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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    It would be just as awesome as Uru is.
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    If Apple is going to make games

    Two titles I can think of

    1) Shooting Motorola to death

    2) Bill Gates gets pied
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    th0rth0r Posts: 78member

    If Apple computer made a video game what would it be like?

    Er.... maybe like Breakout?
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    If Apple made a game, it would have to be a fantastic action/adventure/shooter game that rivals Halo (for our loss when MS bought bungie) and Half-Life 2 (to get more switchers) in terms of story, gameplay, graphics and sound. And it would be free for mac OS X 10.4 owners.

    If you meant some dinkie little novelty game like chess or solitaire, just to pass the time, then it should be Monopoly? or would that be more appropriate for Microsoft?
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