Last Minute MWNY Predictions

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Being a Mac user for the past 13 years ,This is what I predict for Wednesday...1.No G5 but a faster G4 with a new smaller case ( that will blow you away) 2. The G3 is dead..... all mac's will ship with G4's and yes there will be a g4 ibook with a different color other than white. 3.The imac will get to the speed of 1 GHZ and a 17in lcd display Special edition. 4.eMac will increase in speed also. 5. ipod will drop in price with a software version for a pc. 6.Jaguar will be out in August.7. Price drops on LCD Displays That's what I think will happen but who knows?? I might be totally wrong on all of it..

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    detahdetah Posts: 57member
    it doesn't matter, the mac is dead.
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    I think he will address in some way the G5, or at least a next-generation processor of some kind, even if only to say that something is "in development" with a guesstimated production/distribution date of "before the new year {and definitely before the lawsuit against Microsoft wraps up)."

    -- PEte
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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by detah:

    <strong>it doesn't matter, the mac is dead.</strong>[/QUOTE

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    [quote]Originally posted by Me and my son:

    <strong>[QUOTE]Originally posted by detah:

    [qb]it doesn't matter, the mac is dead.</strong>[/QUOTE

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    What's with all the Trolls lately? Oh yeah, the kiddies are out of school.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    I think the PowerMac prediction is fairly accurate. New case? Possibly. Probably no G5 either.

    iBooks getting a G4? Not yet. They were updated two months ago. They probably won't get updated again until late fall or later, maybe at MWSF 03. They are selling well in their current configuration, so they don't really need to update them until sales start slackening. Also, the current 750fx processor is software-overclockable to 800 MHz, and will scale to 1 GHz or faster, so the next revision will probably just be a software-overclocked one with a better graphics chip and a modified case (not visually different) to handle the extra heat. Different color other than white? Why? White seems to be Apple's favorite color recently, so why not keep it white? It matches their other consumer hardware perfectly.

    iMacs getting to 1 GHz is a real possibility. They really need to give it a 133 MHz bus, and they likely will either for the next revision or the revision after. I'm pretty sure, regardless of what the high-end speed is, the low end will be an 800 MHz one. 17" LCD screen SE version? Possibly, but I have no idea. Maybe they'll implement a 17" LCD for the top end version, then have the 17" LCD standard later on down the road. Or they may just increase the resolution of the 15" screen to 1280x960 or 1152x870, or include a new 15" widescreen (see below).

    eMac speed increase? Not too likely, yet. They were just introduced, and schools have already probably purchased the eMacs they want, so upping the speed now may alienate school computer guys. Also, keeping the eMac at 700 MHz while the iMac is at 800 MHz for the low end will distance the two lines, possibly allowing for the combo drive eMac to be sold to the public.

    The iPod may well drop in price, since it has been, what, a year or so since it was introduced? I really hope they don't just drop the 5 GB version and make the 10 GB $400, because they'd lose a lot of sales. I have a 5 GB one and it's about half full, and it's not getting filled up very fast. Most people would opt for a $300 5 GB version. Better that than fewer sales. I have no idea if PC software will be introduced for it.

    Why Jaguar out on Aug. 7? Why not, say, Aug. 6? Or the 27th? I think it's likely that Jaguar will be introduced sometime in August, but I have no idea when. Let's hope it's a free update. After all, updating from 9.0 to 9.1 to 9.2 is free, so it looks like Apple's moving towards a system of only charging for major number updates (8 to 9, 9 to 10, etc.).

    I think that the LCD displays may see a price drop. There have been so many promos for them in the past few months that they may actually introduce new ones. Maybe a 15" widescreen 1152x768, 17" widescreen 1280x854, and 19" widescreen 1600x1024 to replace the 22". I could see price drops also, since LCDs have been getting cheaper lately.

    We'll all just have to wait for the keynote, won't we? Technically (where I am anyway, and for anyone east of me) it's tomorrow, so we don't have long to wait!

    Edit: I'm a kiddie (not anymore, since I just turned 18 last week) and I just got out of school, but I try not to troll too much. Of course, I'm a high school graduate while many of the trolls are probably, say, 8th grade graduates.

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    [quote]Originally posted by Me and my son:

    <strong>2. The G3 is dead..... all mac's will ship with G4's and yes there will be a g4 ibook with a different color other than white. 3.The imac will get to the speed of 1 GHZ and a 17in lcd display Special edition.


    Special Editions of iBooks and iMacs with G4s and 17" LCDs respectively would seem possible, but not for the entire line. At least, recent months wouldn't seem to indicate it. Bump the whole iMac line up to 17" and it's much more expensive. As is a SE version would price nicely for someone who likes the idea of the towers but doens't need the expansion and wants a new cool monitor.


    5. ipod will drop in price with a software version for a pc. 6.Jaguar will be out in August.

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    Agreed. Notice the 7 was for the next number not the specific date

    Regardless it's just over a day away now and it'll be an interesting and hopefully very asskicking thing. Would be nice to see a bit of parity between Mac and PC worlds.

    You can spout all ya want about how Macs don't need to be compared to PCs but they are daily. By people using macs and pondering leaving, by PC people who think they suck and/or who are contemplating a switch. personally I fall into the latter, contemplating a switch for a couple of years now. I've been waiting for things to be a bit more level and I've paid attention to all the developments since the Cube I think.

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    oops my first response about iBooks and iMacs was stuck in with the quote..never claimed to have posted much here, I just lurk a lot
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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member
    My Predictions:

    Talks about the computer industry slum, and Apple's losses in this quarter due to PM inventory build up.

    Jaguar Demo, on track for end-of-summer ship date.

    iOrganise Released. It replaces Address Book, and includes (apart from an Address Book) a calender, note-pad and to-do list which all sync to PDAs.

    .Mac released. E-mail, and HomePage and iDisk remain free. $100 a year will get you priority access to Apple servers (like the software section of iDisk), unlimited bandwidth on HomePage (for shareware authors), 100MB iDisks, maybe your own domain name (or a and maybe multiple e-mail addresses.

    1GHz, 1.5GHz, Dual 1.25GHz Power Macs. DDR333 RAM, AGP 8X, 66MHz PCI, 800Mb/s FireWire. GeForce 4 MX on all models, R300 BTO Option.

    Beats a P4 in a bake-off (when equiped with Jaguar).

    The iMac gets an update: GeForce 4 MX, 1GHz G4s on superdrive model. A 17" 1536x1024 version of the superdrive model becomes available.

    The end, with a standing ovation!

    A check at <a href=""; target="_blank"></a> sees that you can still buy QuickSilver Power Macs for $1200-$1400 (the low-end modle) until stocks clear (repeat of MWSF01)

    MWSF will see the PM line go all-dual

    MWNY03 will see the release of the all-new, Power4 Macintosh!


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    What he could say

    1) jaguar demo

    2) iMac upgrade (spped bump, new graphic card, 17' display)

    3) iDevice/iApps ?

    4) Tablet display ?

    5) .Mac ?

    6) eBook ?

    7) eMac update

    8) update of PM on august with G4 1.4GHz (1.5 ?) and DDR, high speed bus, new graphic card...?

    9) Prices down (just a dream of me

    At MWSF03

    - POWER4 replace G4 in PMac/Pbook/Xserve (from moto to ibm

    - e/iMac, e/iBook have the G4 (from ibm to moto

    - iDevice/iApps

    At MWNY03

    - 10.3

    - iDevice/iApps

    - hardware... too far (XMac ?)

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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member
    Alt Title to this thread:

    The less than 24 hours until MacWorld last-minute predictions thread.

    Sorry original poster if "This thread is hijacked!"

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    mavstermavster Posts: 51member
    personally, I think that Jaguar is ready to roll and will be passed out at the expo...

    it's too quiet for something big NOT to happen... they're at the world's biggest stage, NY, with TWO Apple stores opening up this week in major markets (Soho and Long Island)... something's brewing..

    my wish list...


    airport equipped home stereo device to stream music from mac to stereo system

    bluetooth enabled tri-band gsm pda/phone... phone working only with small bluetooth ear/mic headset so device can be in pocket/pocketbook or anywhere close enough to work... size of ipod... touchscreen only...

    bluetooth enabled ipod to connect to new stereo device or new Apple car radio ...

    new personal powermacs with smaller, sexier but more expandable enclosure using xserve mb and faster processors... Mot will be at the "Smart Networks Developer Forum" with some sessions on ppc current/future designs later this week or next week so I'm sure Apple wants to introduce the new g4's before Mot does.. why wait..

    wide lcd's to coincide with new pmacs...

    power tower with g5, double ram max, more slots, more bays (ok, wishful thinking)...

    portable speed bumps, dvd-r in powerbooks, bluetooth in all new shipping systems

    some major qt6 announcement/partnership with broadcast stations... 17" lcd would be great tv or movie on demand system for bedroom (broadband only)... maybe a download/dvd burning solution to buy movies online...

    the hype machine is low but everywhere you go in NY you see billboards or ads for either the switch campaign or mwny... something's up... maybe Apple felt the backlash of overhyping the lcd iMac and are returning to their underpromise/overdeliver ways of just a year or two ago..

    just my 2cents...
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    mrsparklemrsparkle Posts: 120member
    I think they're going to update every model with FW2.
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    Why making such a switch campaign and putting a special button on the Website ? this is why when I said jaguar, I'm thinking to the hidden part of it... a way to make it easier to switch from wintel to Xmac... Do you see what I mean ?

    Steve, a comment ?
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    wfzellewfzelle Posts: 137member
    What Steve will say:

    I've been the CEO of NeXT for over 10 years and I always knew that Apple was out there, but didn't have a chance to become it's CEO. When I finally switched over, I found that the job was perfect for me. I can now boss around 10.000 people instead of 100. I'm a switcher. I guess that's the term for it.

    I'm a CEO. My name is Steve Jobs.
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    I'm pretty sure it'll look like this.



    -17" iMac

    -Maybe some new features to the eMac, like a DVD player

    -hopefully a longer battery life for the iBook/PowerBook, but I'm just thinking wishfully there

    -Announcement about the upcoming PowerMacs

    -Huge announcement that nobody expected

    -ME sitting in the front row cheering on Steve!
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    CONFIRMED: He will say "cool" and "new" at least twice each.
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    mrsparklemrsparkle Posts: 120member
    [quote]Originally posted by Jonathan Brisby:

    <strong>CONFIRMED: He will say "cool" and "new" at least twice each.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    He'll probably say "Sex" a few times too.
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    heh2kheh2k Posts: 6member
    [quote]Originally posted by Me and my son:

    <strong>Being a Mac user for the past 13 years ,This is what I predict for Wednesday...1.No G5 but a faster G4 with a new smaller case ( that will blow you away)</strong><hr></blockquote>

    i hope not. the tower case is already too small. it needs to have three 5.25" bays. to those who disagree, try putting three or four 15krpm drives in one. they need to be in the front and have fans blowing on them. one thing PCs have going for them is the huge selection of cases. yeah, most aren't as sexy as a g4, but there's good looking 8-bay towers that are about the same height.

    oh, regard all this .mac talk, do you really think they'd call it ".mac"? that's just silly.
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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    PowerMac ---&gt; PowerBook

    iMac ---&gt; iBook

    eMac ---&gt;eBook?

    This would be interesting wouldn't it? I read this somewhere else before but if the iBooks were upgraded it would be nice to see a simpler version of the iBook. This would be nice for schools because not all schools (most) don't need CDRW drives in their computers and the iBook is a more consumer product now then an education.
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    kinda sounds like microsofts new .net thing doesn't it. Any ways my prediction. I think he will show the iMac and have it spin just like last time but will also have the mouse, ipod,and keyboard that are all bluetooth enabled and the only cable comming out of the iMac would be the power supply. I think a 17'' special edition iMac is a must, with a rotating screen (not going to happen, but just think how much that would add to the comercials ), and a touch sensitive screen to use inkwell. Hopefully lowered price on the ipod with mabye some changable face plates or different color ipods. Although i would love to see a windows compatible ipod, i think steve is waiting to see how well it is doing, and mabye getting some people to switch to the mac before releasing a windoz version of it. I would love to see some type of pda running os X, but i just don't see it happening soon. That is to predictable for apple. As far as a tablet, possibly a detachable monitor on the iMac using a type of airport wireless technology, but that would only be able to be used in the home. I duno what the situtation is on the powermacs. They are great comptuers, and right now everyone seems to be concintrating on processor speed, and if a new ram type is instituted with a g4 1.3 GHz would be quite fast if the current one is beeting a sony 2.2 GHz p4, and with os x it would fly, becuase it doesn't use all of the comptuer resources like windoz does. I think if apple wanted to surpirse us all, a new/upgraded iApp is in ordered, some new features added to the current machines, and the release of Jaguar needs to happen in orded for them to get people to switch. As far as the emac, i don't think anything is going to happen to that becuase it was made for education and that is quite a good computer to be placed in a school, and if they want more than there is the iMac, i would love to see a convertable ibook that could be changed into a tablet because as it is, the comptuer is very light, long battery life, and it is compact. and to rap it all up, i think we are going to see a good keynote tomorrow (even though i will miss it live but i am going to the apple store in columbus so i hope i can see some of it) people are hoping for better powermacs, and right now apple is all about their "switch" campain so they are gonna concentrate on the lower end to middle ground user. John

    (i added my predictions)

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