Jeebus. More MS security patches.

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Maybe we should have a perpetual thread for this stuff? 3 more critical flaws and 1 "important" one. Again related to buffer overruns. By my count, that's 55 critical flaws THIS YEAR. Whither accountability?

It's getting to the point where it seems like companies will need a dedicated person on staff JUST for MS security patches. Surely this costs money - more money than would be required for a transition to something a wee-bit more secure.

Maybe it's time for shareholders of companies to speak up? I'm glad I'm a Mac user...


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    Look at this. A proposed schedule for applying patches. As if people weren't busy enough as it is.
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    ipeonipeon Posts: 1,122member
    You must be bored, really bored. Regularly scheduled security patches for Windows has been going on for yeeeeeeeeears. It's part of the "Trustworthy Computing" illusion.
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    Illusion is right. Geez. Of course it costs money! Time is money. Each security patch requires a restart, that means you have to take your servers down too, not exactly an easy process if your running servers using M $ software. It also takes up bandwidth. Bandwidth costs money. It is rediculous that M $ users have to go through this. Long live Macs!



    By my count, that's 55 critical flaws THIS YEAR

    Win doze is one big critical flaw, it's a joke

    And why is the word Win doze (without spaces) cencored? I put it in and it gives me a bunch of . Same with M $ (no spaces). I know they are bad words and all, but...come on...
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    M $ is going to make a "promotion" that they are patching their OS faster than the open source community patching Linux

    No suprise
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