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Apple seeds Xcode 1.1 update

By Nick dePlume, Publisher and Editor in Chief

November 13, 2003 - Apple on Wednesday seeded developers with a pre-release version of Xcode 1.1, an update to the developer tools that shipped with Panther, sources said.

The seed, designated "Update 1.1" and marked build 7K104, includes several feature enhancements, Apple told developers in a seed note. The update also ties in bug fixes that Apple addressed as a result from input from developers as well as testing.

Xcode 1.1 is a partial update that modifies previous versions; the current public release is Version 1.0.1, an update that resolved a data corruption issue. According to the Xcode about box, the update installs Xcode IDE 287.0, Xcode Core 287.0, and ToolSupport 286.0.

Apple also provided testers with a draft of the new version's release notes, where the company described some of the improvements. They include improvements to: general building, native build system, file reference Inspector, shell script inspector, target inspector, user interface, class browser, code completion, indexing, CodeWarrior project importing, customization, user scripts, debugging, variable display, the documentation editor, searching, file editing, indentation, the navigation bar, performance, syntax coloring, text editing, CVS, SCM inspector, filetypes, Detail view, and status reporting.

Apple identified several known issues with build 7K104. The build saves project files that are incompatible with earlier versions of Xcode, but this problem will be fixed in a later build, Apple said. The seed as early support for robust precompiled headers, but there are some limitations that will also be fixed later on. Other issues concern the SCM window, GDB error messages, and uninstalling Version 1.1, as well as a number of other specific problems that Apple identified in the draft release notes.

The update seeded to developers was about 12MB in size.


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