Modem problem with PowerBook

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I recently sold a PowerBook G3 on ebay, and the new owner has phoned me with a problem he is experiencing.

In Mac OS 9, when Apple System Profiler is launched, under the 'Network' section, it takes a few seconds for the information on the modem to appear. Which I believe is normal.

However, sometimes the information doesn't appear at all, and sometimes it'll say that the information couldn't be gathered. It may even have named different types of modem on occasions.

So far he's been unable to connect to the internet, or to collect mail via PPP. I've pretty much forgotten all I once knew about OS 9, so I'm not a great help.

A good start would be to find out if it's the hardware which is playing up (which I suspect it might be - because I don't think that ASP should be behaving the way it is), or if it something to do with the software configuration.

Is there a diagnostics string you can send to the modem to confirm that it is working (and where would you type it in?).

Thanks for any ideas that would help us out!

P.S. would an Apple Hardware Test CD be of any help - and are they machine specific?


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    Tell him to get broadband and quit whining. Sorry, I don't have a fix for you. There is an Apple hardware diagnostic test that came with OS 9, but I don't know if it does modems.
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