Quartz Extreme Not working - I meet the requirements though

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Quartz Extreme not working - I have 16mb VRAM

Running Panther 10.3.1

Dual Powermac 450 mhz g4 1.1 gigs of ram with



Display TypetLCD


VRAM (Total)t16 MB

VendortATI (0x1002)

Device IDt0x5046

Revision IDt0x0000

ROM Revisiont113-72701-125

Panther installed and Quartz extreme does not work. Fast user switching cube effect does not work, fading desktop background does not work, and there zooming in on images is messed up in screesaver.

Why is the computer not using quartz extreme?


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    If it's ATI Rage, it won't work. You need a Radeon or better.
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    Altivec is right. That's not a Radeon.
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    You poor bastard. You have the same card I have. I feel your pain.

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    What's the big deal anyway. I'll probably sound retarded for this, but what does QE do? I know it adds animation to the fast user switching, and probably enhances exposé somehow. But what else? I have a rage so it won't run. Am I missing a lot?
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    Faster. Smoother. Better.


    That's what Quartz Extreme does to Mac OS X's interface. Not only does it make the UI faster, it makes the system faster overall because it offloads a lot of work (compositing) from the CPU onto the graphic card.

    Ever see the CPU peg to 100% usage when dragging around a transparent window? That isn't the case when Quartz Extreme comes into play.

    Another explanation:

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