Looking for Mac OS X wallpapers..

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Does anybody have a link to, or would send me, the Mac OS X Jaguar print wallpaper? I would like to use it to make a vinyl decal for one of my game systems. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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    cooopcooop Posts: 390member
    Sure. Here's a link to the full and widescreen versions of the Jaguar fur desktop.
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    bribri Posts: 2member
    You're great; thanks so much!

    I've been looking for this wallpaper for a few weeks now; never occurred to me to just *gasp* ask a Mac user!

    My GameBoy Advance handheld gaming system already has a Jaguar skin; now that I have this graphic I can plastic Jaguar on EVERYTHING! Mwahaha!

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    all these pics are on your machine! go into library (one of the libraries, i dunno which), thne go to desktop pics, nature, then select!
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