wild speculations 2k+4

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
imac "polymer" or "mag"

15", 17", or 20" similar form factor, smaller base, 2+ghz gobi "G4",

imac "cubist"

17", 20", 23", 2+ ghz G5 120mn

power mac G5 90nm


G5 90nm 3u enclosure insanely fast bus

Ibook "oled"

12" 14" 15" 2+ghz gobi


dlp projector and computer in one. make any wall your display.

"panorama mac"

a home theatre, digital hub. massive screen 60"+, multiple dlp's, insane resolution, 3d capable, dual G5 base station with every-kind of input and output for legacy devices, extreme wireless connectivity, all controlled by...


a rethought keyboard, remote control, tablet all in one lap friendly, travel friendly form. control the "panorama mac" from the comfort of your lazy-boy or use the Imote anywhere around the house.


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