REAL PowerMac inside info, please!

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Hi all - I hope this is not a thread with good intentions started in vain, but I am god damn sick and tired of threads that begin with something to do with the new PowerMacs to be released and end up as political commentary or childish mud-slinging or plain and simple crap. So....

Could people who actually know something about the new PowerMacs, people who are NOT just speculating, people who can help shed some light on the future - please post what you KNOW here!

If you don't know anything that hasn't been simply learnt from reading threads - then don't post. Hopefully we can gather the REAL information and figure out what we will be soon seeing... So post away if you qualify, please!


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    bigcbigc Posts: 1,224member
    New PowerMacs will be faster and have a chip in them that is designed by a chip maker. The FSB will work good too. Memory will be fast (>=133 Mhz) and as big as you want to purchase up to some as yet unspecified limit. The new Macs will be able to run old and new software. The ATA bus speed will be fast enough to saturate any available IDE drive. Additional HD's can be added through use of included Firewire ports (at least Firewire 1). USB will be similar to other machines in the Mac class. LCD and CRT screens will be optional.

    Oh and "turbocooling" TM (1 hP fan) will be availble as an option, some installation will be required by end users (note Dremel and power saw equipment sold seperately).
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    People who do know anything aren't dumb enough to label themselves as such.

    Piece through the *countless* other threads about the new PowerMacs and decide for yourself who has real information, if anybody.

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