Kensington Keyboard/Apple Pro Mouse Difficulties

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The spacebar on my Apple Pro Keyboard suddenly stopped working today for no apparent reason. Though, after the multiple spills and bangs it has endured over it's lifetime, I at least partially expected that something like this would happen eventually. So I went out to CompUSA and bought a new Kensington Keyboard In a Box. Yet, when I plugged it in, my Apple Pro Mouse would not work with it. The cursor on the screen simply would not move. The mouse does in fact light up, so I know that it is getting power from the keyboard, and the mouse does register in the Apple System Profiler... but the cursor on the screen just refuses to budge. I've tried restarting and I've tried clearing the PRAM, but have had absolutely no luck. What is going on here?


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    amoryaamorya Posts: 1,103member
    Does the mouse work when plugged straight into the computer (not through the keyboard)?
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