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well as we all are aware of the entire iLife suite is supposed to get an update at macworld sanfrancisco this year, however the one thing i think that will be interesting is iPhoto, so far iTunes has been the frest application to enable rendezvous over a network and share stuff around. wouldnt it be great if i could on iPhoto hop into it and see my mom or dad's photo albums over the network weather its airport or a wired network. also if you go into the iPhoto resources (im on a pc so i cant take a peek at it now) but you notice that the same color icon they use for photo albums on a CD is also labeled as "shared album" or something of the such.

just something to think about, as iMovie and iDVD dont have much use for rendezvous, iPhoto however i can see as, or perhaps iCal could have it so i could rendezvous and find my familie's calenders on their macs.

rendezvous seems to have much more instore for it then just iChat and iTunes so i think we'll see that coming up soon, just like quartz extreme didnt have much initial stuff in the begining we now see it handling fast user switching as well as expose, jaguar seemed to install alot of basic technologies as quartz extreme and rendezvous and i think in panther we will see those technologies mature and mature throughout pantherl


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    nebagakidnebagakid Posts: 2,692member
    yeah, i mean, that has to be in the next major release of iPhoto, right? Sharing photos over the network with rendezvous? please? PLEASE?!?!??!??!
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    whats more... since you (presumably) own the rights to these photos you should be able to COPY them with rend without apple hobbling it ala iTunes...

    the same goes for iCal and AddressBook and the like...

    they REALLY should get a movie cataloging app like suggested here
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    Well its not exactly what you guys are talking about, there is sharing for you cameras which is nice, it works with rendezvous and over internet.

    check this thread sharing camera thread
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    yea since their your photos not much could be done to hamper this down, also i like the suggestion of the same thing going on with address book, being able to go into another family members perhaps to grab your relatives email's or phones and such, could be pretty cool.

    rendezvous definately holds alot of possibilities for the future of the mac and how its used in the home enviroments to simplify things.
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