IBM's "Cell" design finished

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
From Slashdot to <a href=",,t269-s2120395,00.html"; target="_blank">ZDNet UK</a> - a Teraflop CPU with a modular design to ship in 2005. Now unless anyone else (AMD, Intel) introduces a Teraflop CPU until then, I will believe the marketing sentiments that IBM know how to do stuff.

If they have the design for a Teraflop (consumer) chippie now, isn't it reasonable to assume that they can make a PowerPC chip for Apple? is it possible we might see a system-on-a-chip by early 2003 already? Although IBM likes to announce stuff, I think _if_ they did a custom PPC design for/with Apple it might as well be it was under wraps until it's released.

Oh, and isn't that HiP7 plant of Motorola in Austin, Tx too? Just like the development team of the Cell chip?


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