Itanium 2 for Powermacs

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Is anyone hear clued up about the Itanium 2? I'm just wondering about the chances of this chip making its way into future powermacs. Having read the overview at Ars, I can see the benefits of the architechture. IA-64 is 64 bit, clean and the RISC nature (+ advanced piplelining / branch prediction) would undoubtedly lend itself well to future apple machines. The main stumbling block I can see is the cost - but this will surely drop to 'acceptable' levels in the near future.

Just a thought


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    nevynnevyn Posts: 360member
    Heh, the one thing that's _not_ clear is that the cost will drop to a reasonable level.

    The Xeons still cost a fair chunk, and the Itanium2 is aimed at the Xeon's market....

    Reducing the power requirements also doesn't seem to be anyone's top priority.
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    You know, this Appleinsider field trip to Arstechnica is really hurting my elitism. ****ers.
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