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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    Of all the sites that have inspired me so far it's Jon Hicks' site mentioned on the last page. It's done in CSS which is nice and clean, but the same effect could be accomplished with Flash (and while not as clean might be ultimately easier). So I'm still wrestling with that Flash or not to Flash.

    CSS is a pain in the patooty to engineer and there are some browsers that cannot render it well. The good thing is that the content isn't as deeply buried in proprietary least that's the going theory.

    I like the "feel" of the Cuban Council which designed the k10k website that sunrein posted.

    Anybody else got some good CSS sites??
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    lainlain Posts: 140member
    Somebody mentioned this person before (Donald A. Norman)... Interested in this persons work I set out to learn some more and I have found that the following somewhat relates to the HTML vs Flash debate:


    In the early days of the personal computer, all the display screens were black and white. When color screens were first introduced, I did not understand their popularity. In those days, color was primarily used either to highlight text or to add superfluous screen decoration. From a cognitive point of view, color added no value that could not be provided with the appropriate use of shading. But despite the fact that the interface community could find no scientific benefit, businesses insisted on buying color monitors. Obviously, color was fulfilling some need, but one we could not measure.

    In order to understand this phenomenon, I borrowed a color display to use with my computer. After the allocated time, I was convinced that my assessment had been correct -- color added no discernible value for everyday work. However, I refused to give up the color display. Although my reasoning told me that color was unimportant, my emotional reaction told me otherwise.
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    Originally posted by Lain

    another flashy site

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    Originally posted by drewprops

    Anybody else got some good CSS sites??

    Blatant self-promotion.

    In all honesty I really don't like either of the two styles I have up now - but I am going to continually be making more. I have to say CSSZenGarden has changed my perspective on web design.
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    I know nothing of web design but there was an article in the Globe & Mail today about one of CBC's (Canada's public broadcasting network) websites.


    It's actually pretty kick ass. Though the web gurus here may hate for some reason that's beyond my comprehension. Regardless, I'd like to hear what people think...from a critics stand point. Not mine, which is "Ooooooh! Lots going on here. Neat-O!"
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    All this reminds me of why I love design for print - and I'd rather stack shelves at Tesco than be forced to style for the web.

    I haven't seen anything in this thread that remotely constitutes design - it's all styling, which is a completely different thing. I'm not saying that it's wrong, or it has less merit than design, but it's not design.

    Apples website is better than anything that has been linked to, because at least the user can find the information they are looking for in the minimum number of links rather than waiting on fancy graphics to load that don't actually do anything.

    All these sites you are linking to are very light on useful content. What's the point of building a navigation system that only allows you to navigate around the navigation system itself? It's simply not design.

    I'll leave the dancing flowerpots to the up and coming generation of stylists/artists. It doesn't do anything for me.

    By the way this is what our web DESIGNERS produce.
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    lainlain Posts: 140member

    Originally posted by Messiah

    By the way this is what our web DESIGNERS produce.

    Breathtaking... but tell me, why the hell does (almost) everybody use tiny tiny text?
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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    Messiah, there are several exceptionally nice sites that people have posted here...maybe you haven't clicked on every link yet! Most of the Flash sites are styled, not designed.

    I just liked the song that popped up on the CBC3 site, it made me like the site (even if it IS bad form to throw sound at somebody). Nifty.

    Edit: Holy smokes! The CBC3 radio player broke off of the main page...I bookmarked it and now I have it anytime I want it! Kick ASS!
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    All the sites listed are garbage compared to the greatest site ever!!

    They are all clutter and noise and showing off cute FLash tricks in a crowded din of onanistic self-congratulation, whereas the following listed site unfolds slowly and reveals its TRUTH with an elegant and tasteful flourescence of delicate bonhommie and joi de vivre!!.

    Check it out and let it unfold: SITE
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member

    Originally posted by sunrein

    Here are some of my faves:

    That song sounds EXACTLY like a song by the early eighties Paisley Underground band from SF called The Dream Syndicate
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    now that i've started getting hooked by zeldman, meyer et al., it seems like css (and the potential of css) is so deep that you could really devote an amazing amount of power to it and get amazing results in return.

    every time people have asked me if they should make a flash site, i tell them: "macromedia has one interest in promoting flash... it's to SELL THEIR PRODUCT." go to macromedia's website and really start kicking around, and you'll see some major limitations to the tech. wanna search through a few pages of their extensions? great! just don't plan on bookmarking any of the found pages, because you can't. want to tab into the search field of the window. oh wait, you can't. but gosh, there is a hell of a lot of power in flash, isn't there? yes, but considering the fact that most people are probably still flying with a version of flash player 5 or 6 in their browsers, you can't even access all of the programming available.

    but if you want a really interesting flash site, try . it's sole purpose is to be the author's playground for flash ideas, snippets he never used, code he did use and made available for download to achieve interesting physics, his own announcements and portfolio of work. it's not exactly a great website, but it serves its purpose, and is really a disorganized toybox, but i'll get you'll find some stuff you'll want to reverse-engineer from the site. like his octopus navigation is really quite cool in concept, though it hogs screen real estate (you'd essentially have to devote the entire screen to the navigation). but still pretty cool (try not only clicking on the buttons, but outside the button areas, to different distances -- pretty impressive).

    for now, i want to make my personal website xhtml 1.0-transitional and css1 compliant. and have good content. if i can achieve that, THEN i can worry about learning to use flash as an effective tool for other doodads.
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