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    jcjc Posts: 342member

    Originally posted by Imergingenious


    and the keyboard is better than my logitech keyboard that i just bought, or any keyboard i have ever used for that matter

    (except for the miniaturized inverted T arrows)

    how about the upside down W next to the "N" key
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    1337_5l4xx0r1337_5l4xx0r Posts: 1,558member
    Well, since we're all letting it all out, I'll come clean w/ some aesthetic beefs of my own (moo!). LOved the Wallstreet. Then came lombard, w/ a 'bronze' (aka poo-colored) keyboard. WTF?! A black laptop w/ a poo coloured keyboard?! Ugh. Pismo, rad. TiBooks, hate the two-tone. Not the keyboard, I mean the light grey 'ring' around the edge of the Tibook. Why they didn't paint it the same colour the rest of the TiBook has is beyond me. It would look uniform and classy. Closed, this TiBook looks pimped and svelte. Open it and a tacky ring of plastic stares me in the face. So close to perfection, yet so far.

    BTW, I agree w/ the dark grey/black keyboard thing. The contrast of white letters on black is much nicer than the new 17/12 PBG4s. And yes, sachmo, it would be nice if they could make the PBs more matte, less shiny (although I'm all for functionality too, and if it means having bare Alu, then OK).

    Also, AFA 'it's how it works', blow it out your ass, Steve-O, seriously. Steve gave us IceBooks w/ all the ports... on the left frickin' side. How much $$$ you want to bet that the single most plugged-in peripheral for a laptop is a mouse? And what percentage of Earth's population is left handed? This is the most moronic snafu from Apple in ages, I can't believe I'm the only one whining about it. Plug in a mouse, and wrap the cable around the back of the laptop so your right hand can use it?! WTF. It's how it doesn't work, more like it.


    Anyway, the more minimal Apple makes thier laptop aesthetics/design, the much cooler they look, IMHO. They're getting there, too. A few more revs and they'll be a thin slab of cold metal with a keyboard.

    Apple's the future of computer aesthetics, y'all gotta give props.
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    loganlogan Posts: 284member
    um, it is better to have the mouse port on the left if you have a laptop, think about it, if you plug it in on the right side, the cable is all curled up right by your hand but if its on the left is a quick little wrap and everythings fine.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Yea I have fond memories of combating my hockey puck left over from my Smurf G3. With a 3 foot cable even going under the iBook didn't work. Now I have a Cordless Optical, the mouse everyone was meant to have. Bronze was kind of cool. But you are right the two tone TiBook looks dumb. I didn't like the 12" keyboard color at first but it's growing on me daily. I think my new Mac looks better every day despite the crumbs accumulating. How can I clean under this keyboard if it doesn't come off?
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    jcjc Posts: 342member
    I miss the curves of the Lombard Pismo
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    algolalgol Posts: 833member
    The TiBooks look much better than the new 17" and 12" PowerBooks IMHO. The new PowerBooks are too shiny and the keyboards, although great to use, look like they are made from a cheap plastic. The TiBooks look expensive and well made, while the new Books look like apple was trying to save a little money. PLus, I love the two toned design of the TiBooks v. the one toned design of the new Books. Sorry, but I just think that shiny AL does not look as high class as two toned Ti.
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    1337_5l4xx0r1337_5l4xx0r Posts: 1,558member
    I think aesthetically, the Wallstreet/Lombard(minus poo colored keyboard... black or grey anyone?)/Pismo was/is the most cool looking laptop design ever. Black plastic w/ black rubberised metal, curvy, white apple logo... drool...
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member

    Originally posted by Mac OS X Addict

    Now lets compare Apple Notebooks to PC Notebooks to see which one looks cheap looking.

    My dad PC dell inspiron P4M 2,4 ghz radeon 9000 looks cheap compared to my old powerbook G3 300.
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    i agree with logan- it is better to have the usb port on the oposite side of the laptop. i am left handed, and i normally plug my mouse in through a hub, but when im traveling and just use the mouse, i use it on my right hand side because there is too much cable clutter getting in my way otherwise.

    Apparently apple does think about these things
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member

    Originally posted by Splinemodel

    -Looking closely at 15" in front of me-

    The texture is uniform. there is nothing special on the "palm rests." maybe you just saw dirt.

    Oh yeah. . . this is the 3rd Ti I've had. I have never noticed anything special in the "palmrest" area.

    Only powerbooks that are used for extensive HD editing in FCP show that "texture" on the palm rests: it's the hard drive burning a hole through the Ti.
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    My 15" AlBook is easily the classiest looking portable around. Where does the comment about shine come from ? The aluminium is matt ? The whole thing feels incredibly solid.

    TiBooks were flimsy in comparison; the keyboards had the same design as earlier iBooks and would flex when pressed ( nasty).

    There is some justification for calling the newer iBooks cheap-looking though. The all-white plastic design, including the palmrest area, isn't as nice as the earlier ones with the metallic-effect palmrest. BUT the keyboard is way-better and has a really nice feel. The trackpads are also better. So I guess you win some, you loose some.

    My flatmate has a Dell inspiron and it's easily the nastiest bit of cheap plastic around. The trackpad buttons and keyboard are so bad he had to go a see a chiropracter after a week after getting it ! He can only use it with an external Wacom tablet.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I personally think the PB line now looks very sleek, clean, and industrial. I don't think it looks "cheap" at all, especially next to any PC laptop.

    Also, anybody who's used a current PB keyboard can tell you that it's the most solid and pleasurable laptop keyboard that's ever been created.
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    To those of you who question Apple's design/manufacturing process; how dare you express your opinion! (end of sarcasm)

    I recently had the opportunity to be with two business associates. One is a Mac head (new 17" PowerBook) and the other a Wintel camper (new 17" Overam Mirage 4700M #7). Overam make custom laptops. Linkie:

    Anyway, had I known both would have their laptops with them on that day, I would have taken some photos. Nonetheless, here are my unofficial observations (yeah, my opinion...) comparing the two.

    The PB on first impression is by FAR sexier looking and in fact is physically thinner and lighter. The photos on Overam's sight do NOT do justice to it's laptop.

    As far as manufacturing construction, and on close inspection of the two units, the Overam is a better built unit. It feels like it was cut out of a slab. The PB flexes a little too much for MY taste. In all honesty, after the Pismo, all of Apple's PBs have felt flimsy to me. I admit that could just be my perception. Fit and finish on the Overam look and feel superior to Apple's.

    Both have sweet keyboards.

    The PB's screen seems to have a little bit better field of vision than the Overam. Both are gorgeous!

    The Overam runs Windows XP much "snappier" than the PB runs Panther. This was obvious to all of us. However, OS 10 is so sweet that it's easy to overlook this fact. Even Mr. PC had to admit that Panther has a certain "wow" factor.

    Granted, I'm comparing a custom (professionally) built laptop to mass produced (PB) unit. Look at the price of the various Overam models. My point being that the "not made by us...) syndrome is still alive and kicking in Apple-landia. Some of the top end Dells, Sony's and Compaq's are good looking and well built units. OK, so they're not as sexy as the PB. There's a lot of "they only make cheap plastic..." thinking going on here and it's simply untrue.

    No offense to iBook owners, but of the 5 or so people I know whom have bought iBooks in the last two years, at least 4 of them are having reliability problems with one part of the unit or another. The many PowerBook problems are also well documented.

    I'll end this rant by saying, Long Live Apple!
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    I know this is not a Apple vs. everyone else thread. One other significant fact I left out was that the Overam was running on 512MB of RAM, the PowerBook on 1.5Gig of RAM.

    Car anologies don't translate well to computers, if at all. The hell with it, here comes my comparison based on LOOKS; the PowerBook ia a Ferrari and the Overam is Mercedes/BMW. So there
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    ps5533ps5533 Posts: 476member

    Originally posted by satchmo

    I recently had the chance to finally see the 17" PB in person. While it's an amazing engineering feat cramming all these features into such a slim enclosure, I couldn't help but be unimpressed by the "look". It's a premium priced laptop, but somehow the keyboard and palm rests with it's super smooth shine look rather cheap and tacky. It looks like cheap spray paint was used.

    I don't like the two tone effect with black keys and titanium casing in the 15" PB, but this keyboard looks worse. But at least the TI has a bit of texture on the palm rests.

    Right next to the PB, was the new opaque white iBooks which IMHO, looks like crap. I suspect Apple's trying to differentiate between their two product line, but this plastic white palm rest is going overboard. The previous iBook (with the silver rests) was much classier, yet it still said "consumer". This new one says, "toy".

    Hopefully when the new 15" arrives (along with possibly a new 17"), a new slightly textured matte finish will also appear. But I doubt it.

    is disagree i think they are very 8)sexy8)
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    I've a thing for Key Lime too, nausea.
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    Originally posted by 1337_5L4Xx0R

    Anyway, the more minimal Apple makes thier laptop aesthetics/design, the much cooler they look, IMHO. They're getting there, too. A few more revs and they'll be a thin slab of cold metal with a keyboard.

    As long as people are expressing their opinions, YUCK! I much prefer the sleak, feline curves of the Pismo over the stark, indusustrial, flat planes of the Ti/al Book. Give me the Jag over a Delorian any day. As for function, I also think that the Pismo is easier to use, the curved shape "fits" your hands better. Thats my 2¢, and the Pismo is as dead as the original iMac, and hopefully more than the Cube.
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    I would like to go along with HardHead's comment about the quality and reliability of other products. Personaly I have an Overam Mirage 4700 with 2048 MB of RAM and 800 MHz FSB and it went beyond my original expectations. Right when I opened the package the quality of the notebook looked impressive. The finish is at least as good as the 2 Dells I had before. The laptop has tons of features, it is super fast and what impressed me most is the service - incredibly flexible, helped me install Linux and XP (dual boot), etc... even though I didn't get any software from them. They reply to the Emails fast so I could say that I am very happy. The notebook is a LOT cheaper than the equivalent in Dell and most other major brands. It's true that at first I was not too sure because they are not as big as Apple or IBM, but I guess that gives them even more motivation to have a better service and the product itself is truly fantastic, especialy for that price. So I would say that if you are a purist and can afford a high-end Mac, great ! If not, the Overam Mirage will be a superb alternative ...
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    ryaxnbryaxnb Posts: 583member
    I disagree.
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    And even if a powerbook G3 300 looks better than a Dell inspiron, there is no comparison possible between a 17 inch powerbook (at least first version) and a dell or even the old G3 300 powerbook.

    I don't think that being shiny means always more classy. It's a question of fashion.
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