iTunes is scaring me, help!

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I've just formatted my drive, before that, I copied my itunes library meaning the whole folder (iTunes 4 Musicle library file, itunes music library.xml and the folder itunes Music that has all my artists and their songs all in their respective folders) maybe it wasn't the smart way to do it but there it is.

Now, I can't get these back onto my newly installed iTunes. when i copy and paste the whole thing, it copied the songs, but they don't appear in my itunes once open. what is wrong?

Help me please.

PB 17" 1.33 ghz 512 MB OS 10.3


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    One solution is to delete the music library files so that when you open iTunes it is empty (sounds like you may have already done this accidently). Then drag and drop the root folder of your music folder hierarchy into the open iTunes window.

    This will add all the tunes to the library *but* you will lose all ratings, playcounts and any other data not stored within the files themselves.
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    OK, and wich one is that? where can I find it? sorry if this seems stupid to you, I am totaly new at that.

    Thanks again
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Quit iTunes. Delete the iTunes Music Library and the iTunes Music Library.xml files. Leave the folder with the actual music alone. It doesn't matter if it's in your Music folder, so long as it's in your home folder somewhere. The music library files will automatically be recreated by iTunes when you open the application again.

    Open iTunes and choose, "consolidate Library" from the Advanced menu. confirm the consolidation, and that should do it. It will find any music files in your account and copy them to the music library. When it's done, check the track list in iTunes and check your Music folder to make sure everything's been copied. Once you're sure it's all copied to your iTunes music library, you can delete the original folder. Always double check!
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    I have done just that BuonRotto, but when I click on consolidate library nothing happens. I have reread your post 3 times and redone it 3 times. It ain't working. Coould you help more? maybe another way?

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    I believe that Consolidate Library only finds and moves the tracks that iTunes knows about (i.e. listed in the main window). I think BuonRotto is getting mixed up with the installation routine where iTunes will go and find all the music files within your home directory.

    If you've deleted the two files BounRotto mentioned then you can restart iTunes (should show no files) and drag and drop the iTunes Music folder that contains all your mp3s onto iTunes.
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    Yep, that did the trick. Thank you.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Oops, sorry for the wrong info. Thanks to stupider...likeafox for clear ing up.
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    Originally posted by BuonRotto

    Oops, sorry for the wrong info. Thanks to stupider...likeafox for clear ing up.

    No worries mate!!
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