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I am thinking on getting a dedicated line put into my apartment to host my own mail and www using panther server. I have a company here in town called fastq and they are offering 640 up/down for 66 a month and I'll add the 8 ips for 10 that fast enough for my own use, as well as serving?

Does anyone know any other services in the phoenix area?

I've looked up through my cable provider the business high speed and the most I can afford is 340 up/down for 99 a month...I think nearly doubling it for cheaper is the way to go, I'm just not sure whats fast enough.

I get 3 MB down and 256 up with cox cable right now...not dedicated, but I like it...


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    Originally posted by Jay Contonio

    is that fast enough for my own use, as well as serving?

    You gotta be more specific for me. You said you would be hosting your own WWW but how many hits do you expect this WWW to be getting? I host my website from my server on a cable modem ( Horrible upstream ) and it runs pretty good for the people using it but there are only 10 people or so using it.
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    Well I maybe average 300 - 400 visits a month on my site, plus I would be receiving a little more traffic on some other sites that I would be hosting...I would say ~500 visits a month...nothing major.

    I would also be hosting mail which I get a lot of.
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