Repair External FW

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I have a 200G external Maxtor FW/USB2

When I plug in the HD, it makes a chirping, pulsing sound for about 15 seconds then spins normally. If I connect the cable to my 15' Albook, it tells me that the device has files that cannot be recognized and asks me to initialize.

Disk Repair Utility sees the drive, but calls it a maxtor 2 TByte. (i wish)

Disk Warrior does not see the drive.

I have a lot backed up to this drive, and can live with reformatting it, but sure would prefer not to have to do so.

Is there anything I can do with Terminal to get at it?



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    From other topics, I've tried Data Rescue which also does not see the disk.

    If I use Disk Utilitiy to initialize the disk, thus repairing the boot blocks, will other data be left alone? I know it will be wiped from the directory, but I'm assuming that unless I choose to zero out the drive, the actual data (or at least most of it) will still be there to be recovered by something like DW or D. Rescue.

    Are my assumptions correct, close or cockeyed?
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