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    I just went over to hgst.com to gather these operating temp. to post it here and..... they are exactly the same ?!?!

    But i swear when i was swapping my hds there was a difference, so either Hitachi had it wrong on their website, or there's a new rev. of this model.

    Anyways, i don't think fan will turn on more frequently, as it probably has a 'trigger' temp encoded in it's controller, the only reason it may turn on more often is because 7200RMP HD generates more heat, but realistically i haven't noticed any difference.

    .....really puzzled about these operating temp. changing, hmmmmm
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    Originally posted by Chad Shorebird

    If i were to swap drives, would it be hard to format the new drive and re-install all the programs... is this process worth it?


    Shorebird 8)

    Well... It is...?
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    Originally posted by Spytap

    ... Considering that the hard drive rotation and connection speed is a huge influence on how fast the laptop itself operates, that would interest me more than a speed boost. Any chance at all?

    You forgot quality of firmware, density of packing of bits on the disk, quality of electronics and speed of head seeking mechanism.

    I don't dispute that RPMs is generally an indicator of drive throughput but many other factors come into play. When you look at comparisons of similarly spec'd drives from different manufacturers you often see quite dissimilar performance.

    The difference between the 4700/5400 drives used by Apple is useful but not that outstanding.
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