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I cannot seem to connect via ethernet a G5 w/ Panther and a 9600 w/ 8.6. Is this possible? I am pretty sure I've followed the connection instructions completely. I get a connection failed message trying to connect to the 9600 as server.



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    I could be wrong, but it was my understanding that OS X and anything earlier than OS 9 don't play too well together. That could just be me making up crap though. Take it for what it's worth.

    When you open up your "Network" window on your G5 what shows up?

    Are you connecting directly or through a router? Can you get onto the internet on the 9600? It may be that your G5 w/ gigabit ethernet can use the type of cable you're using, and your 9600 with 10/100 doesn't like the cable.
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    I can get to the internet through a cable modem with both machines. In the network window, the 9600 shows up, but I cannot connect to it. It is a direct connection. I guess what I'm looking for is either "8.6 and X won't communicate", or "this is what you neeed to do..." File sharing is on, appletalk is active...any ideas?
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    It seems you have all your bases covered, if the 9600 can connect to the internet than it's obviously not a problem with your cable. I'll admit I don't know enough knowledge about this kind of thing to tell you whether or not 8 and X will work together, but IIRC they will not.
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