Mouse accelleration is driving me bonkers!



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    Originally posted by Eudaimic

    "You started the damn thread! "Busts your wrist"? Wtf does that mean? You have to move your wrist less I'd think with 1:1. Maybe I was right about what I said earlier."

    Maybe you just like pointless arguments? I'm sorry to say this, but people like you give Apple users a bad rep. "Apple's way is better! For everyone! No one can think otherwise, if they do they're a moron!"

    Jesus, get a life.

    It's hard to have sympathy for you when in this age of 'the internet' it's super easy to find any program you need to modify your computing experience...especially on the Mac side. It's also hard to have sympathy for a guy that tells us to grow up and to get a life.

    I suggest you start using or before posting. If you can't then find the software you need, then your complaints will be a bit more understandable.
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    There's a difference between finding 'a program' and 'the program'. I prefer the latter, and I also prefer to hear people's experiences.

    Besides, I didn't know if I was even looking for a program in the first place. Maybe I had overlooked a setting. Maybe I could do it from the Terminal, maybe, just maybe I was looking for people who had been in the same situation as me.

    Maybe that's what forums are for?

    Maybe you should stop thinking of yourself as the arbiter of what's right and wrong

    May... Most likely this will make you furious.

    Maybe that means you need to stop spending your time planning a third reich in which everyone will be using the OS X way of doing things. A place so evil in its ways that people are forced to be of one mind. Of one thought.

    Maybe you just need to relax.
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    rraburrabu Posts: 256member
    I agree. I have a Kensington mouse hooked up to my iBook. The acceleration curve in OSX is over exagerated (in my opinion). When I get close to a target, I don't overshoot it at all. I start slowing down and it seems to take longer to get there. Perhaps, I should whip the mouse around faster and let the acceleration curve slow the cursor down for me.

    Anyway, I installed the mouseworks software and that works better for me. It may be that I'm used to this acceleration having had mouseworks installed on my mac since way way before OSX.

    In any event, I think adjustment of the acceleration curve would be a nice addition to the mouse preference pane. It could even be hidden under some advanced tab (like the advanced colorsync adjustment features are).
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