iPod going nuts.

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hi, im on my second iPod, and like the first one, its starting to go bonkers like the first did sort of, here's the symptoms in this one.

iPod will randomly reset itself, putting date to january 1st and time to midnight.

iPod makes a louder then normal buzzing noise when i first start using it, or use it after a long time

iPod will reset itself when i turn on the backlight, then select a song.

does all this behavior warrent that i should send it back in to be replaced as my one year warrenty will be up soon(april 28th). or is there anyway to solve all this random resetting and such, im just confused and getting quite agrivated with this. my 5 year old powermac g3 is holding up better than my iPod which is less than a year old.


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    homhom Posts: 1,098member
    First thing I always do when my iPod starts acting funky is to restore it. If you don't have the iPod set to auto-sync make sure that all the music is backed up because restoring it will erase the drive. Like I said, in my experiences there is no software issue, which is what it sounds like you have, that hasn't been solved by a restore.

    Another thing I've heard that tends to help is running Disk Utility on the iPod and selecting repair. This is not something I have done, so I can't vouch for it's effectiveness.
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    i've run repair on it several times and restored twice. whenever i connect it to my mac the drive makes a louder than normal buzzing noise. aside from that the random, resets are quite annoying, nothing sucks like listening to a song and then when its done hearing a pop and seeing that apple logo, i just dont know if this is something i should send in while i can to get it fixed.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member

    If it's broken or not working correctly, and you've tried the usual raft of troubleshooting fixes, and it's still under warrantee, send it in.
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    yea i might as well, ill have to trek over to apple support and file my claim or whatever soon. (perhaps ill wait it out and see, i still got a month left on my warrenty)
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    well i went to put in a request and itll cost me 30 bucks, im sorry but this is just becoming rediculous, my five year old powermac g3 is proving to be more reliable than my less than one year old iPod, this will be the second time i've had to have it replaced, apple really needs to iron out this stuff, its getting to be just awful.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Hate to say it, being a lifelong mac advocate, but I agree with you. My Beige G3 has just worked, with the exception of one nasty hard drive failing. It may not be the fastest thing but I know when I push that power button, it will do it's thing.
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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member

    Originally posted by millhouse


    iPod will randomly reset itself, putting date to january 1st and time to midnight....

    Y2K, 4 years late, sorta like longhorn...was M$ behinde Y2K too?
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    I'm having this problem right now with my brother's iPod. I was concerned because the buzzing noise is significantly louder than the usual "hard-drive spinning hum" that I get from my iPod - so I know this is not normal. It also takes an exceedingly long time to sync, often freezing.
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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    do a software restore on the pod first. also, you may want to verify permissions on it. my ipod occasionally resets itself if i'm walking a lot (and the ipod is moving considerably) while the battery is low. while mp3s dont skip, the hard drive still has to spin correctly i guess.
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    You may also want to see what happens if you hook it up to another machine. At work we went through a whole lot of bad firewire hard drives, trying to figure out why our luck with them was so bad, before we discovered the problem was with the firewire in the machine. Once we got that fixed, all our hard drives worked.
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    noleli2noleli2 Posts: 129member
    I'm trying to remember dates.... I think the 3G was released in May, so you must have a 2G.

    My 2G will sometimes reset or crash if the remote is not plugged in the whole way. I haven't used my remote in a long while, but I remember it used to do that. That could also cause buzzing, I would suspect. So make sure you plug the remote the whole way. If you don't use the remote, I suggest you do what the other folks are saying and get it fixed.
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