Nokia 6820 and popmail

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So, THE phone I have been waiting for is finally here - the 6820. Small, good reception, qwerty keypad, and bluetooth. But I only see it offered at ATT.

The catch? While the description of the phone says "popmail capable", in looking at ATT plans, you see either:

1. mMode (which looks like it only allows web based email, or specific accounts (yahoo, etc).

2. Mobile office, which requires not only a windows machine, but that the windows machine be ON all the time to deal with the email.

Does anyone know if/how the 6820 could be made to check my popmail using ATT? I have a tmobile Sidekick, but it is SUCH a bad phone (good email and web, but bad reception and awkward size), I would gladly switch to the 6820 and ATT if I can get emai lto work.

Advice welcomed



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    the 6800 has a mail feature under the messages menu that can be configured to a standard email account.
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    fishdocfishdoc Posts: 189member
    Thanks Thunder....I guess I need to get down to the local store and talk to the folks there. My experience has generally been poor, as far as the store personnel's technical expertise, but I will give it a shot.


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    Just in case anyone out there has this same question....ATT says (both via phone and in-store queries) that this phone on their service wil NOT support logging in to "closed" networks (like my university account) to get popmail. The only solution they had for me was using a PC-only application that requires the PC be turned on at all times.

    So...I ended up going with the SE T610 from tmobile. I am not thrilled about trying to type email on that thing, but for $175 less for the phone, and $10 less per month, I get unlimited data (vs ATTs 8 MB/mo), 300 mins/mo (vs ATT 200), and free nights and weekends (vs none from ATT). Also, the T610 is supported by isync, so I will not have to jump through hoops to sync my address book and calendar.

    Thankfully, I only signed a one year contract (and they gave me the first 6 months free!), so by that time hopefully there will be a great messaging phone out that does everything I want.

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    FYI, you can get a chat board for your T610 that lets you enter text much faster. I have one and it's great. Check out local cell phone shops to see if they have one.
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