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Ok, I'm looking into getting a macintosh, but I'm not going to spend more than $800 on it. Is that not enough to get a decent mac? I don't know a whole lot about macs, but I'm curious about them. I'm on a lan with other windows systems. How would that effect my being able to connect to the internet, or would it matter at all?

Thanks for any help that I might recieve.


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    The only Mac under $800 is an eMac. ($799 or $749 with educational discount if you a student or teacher). Fortunately it is probably the best value in Apple's lineup a the moment. One small fly in the ointment is that it comes with only 256MB RAM. You would probably want 512MB, but it's expensive if you buy it from Apple and could push you over $800.

    Mac OS X should connect to the Internet fine, as there's nothing operating system specific about the protocols used: it won't matter at all. Macs can also share file with Windows machines.
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